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Great Movie worth the search to find it, 6 April 2007

I love this movie. I rented it at the video store because I was intrigued by the cover and was more than pleasantly surprised. I became an instant fan of the Young Adults, they were a real band in Rhode Island, they have since disbanded. I was able to locate a record of theirs titled "Helping Others" which was a soundtrack of sorts for the movie. I was also able to track down Stanley Mathis who is a performer in New England he played the lead role in the movie and wrote the songs he performs in the movie (the New Jersey song and the feed the women song) I emailed and he very graciously mailed me a copy of his tape which included many of the songs he performed in the movie. I also was able to track down Rudy Cheeks (sax player) from the Young Adults but he was unable to help me obtain any more recordings of the Young Adults. An interesting note, the actor that plays the leader of the terrorist group (Harpo) went on to play George Costanza's boss on the Seinfeld show. Great movie, well worth the search to find it.