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Back to the drawing board, please!, 19 January 2014

I have always been a fan of Vic&Bob's surreal stupidities, that work very well in a game show or sketch show setting. But as a situation comedy, it all becomes extremely embarrassing.

Berry and Skinner have never ever been funny, just cringe-worthy – and here they continue that tradition.

Worst of all is the audience, though. They laugh out load to every single word anyone utters, funny or not. How much beer were they served before the show – or is it all canned laughter? No comedy has sounded this fake since the seventies.

So, sorry guys – I will give this one a miss. Do us another season of Shooting stars instead, please!

Odjuret (2012) (TV)
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What a mess!, 21 December 2012

This was a big disappointment. Plot holes the size of a smaller planet, overacting, totally predictable and clichéed, bad casting and a totally unbelievable dialogue. And when I say plot, it's just to be polite – there hardly is one. The prison scenes – why are they in the movie at all? The court scenes – the writers must know less than zero about how the judicial system works. Suspense – what suspense? Humour – nonexistent. And the quirky old DI who sleeps in his office... He's supposed to be a legend, "the best" – but we see no evidence of this. On the contrary, he fails miserably...

I sincerely hope the book is better, because this is Bad with a capital B.

"Vexed" (2010)
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Going downhill fast, 7 August 2012

The first "series" of Vexed, the three original episodes, was rather promising, thanks to the comedic talents of Lucy Punch. Her replacement, Miranda Raison, is not nearly as good though. No timing, no pizazz, no nothing. Now it's just the annoyingly stupid male lead and an anorexic woman, completely devoid of charisma. And she drives a "155 bhp car that does 0-60 in 6.6 seconds" – that's sloppy scriptwriting indeed. Last time I looked, the Focus ST was a lot more powerful – but why would such a dreary character have a fun car? And I have yet to see an unreliable classic Merc...

The script is full of factual errors of this kind, errors that turn the plot useless. I'll give it one more chance tomorrow, but that's it. Lucy, please come back from Lala-land – your talent is wasted on bad bit parts in silly Hollywood flicks!

Visually amazing, otherwise OK, 31 July 2012

Being a long-time Tintin fan, I had pretty low expectations when I bought this movie – but of course I had to see it. For the first time ever, motion capture and animation work perfectly – the realism is fantastic, down to the tiniest hair. Sometimes you could swear it is live action on film, though it isn't. The animated Milou (I refuse to call him Snowy, what a silly name!) is the best I've seen in that genre; totally believable.

The story is OK, a mix of different Tintin plot lines, nothing to complain about. But the dialogue and the voice casting, oh my! Haddock should have been a much more growling, non-Scottish, powerful character – and he swears ten times as often and fifty times more creatively in the comic albums. The Thompson cops aren't nearly enough stupid sounding (thanks to the very overrated Pegg/Frost duo), Castafiore should have been hitting false notes all over the place, and so on. And why is Tintin ginger? He's as blond as blond can get.

But these are minor quibbles. All in all, extremely entertaining – and I'm looking forward to the sequels.

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Ouch!, 11 March 2012

The guys behind this dog's dinner also created The Worst Week of my Life, which was absolutely brilliant. Well written, well acted and very, very funny.

How then is it possible for them to come up with this absolute mess? The Royal Bodyguard is so bad that it defies description. Remembering David Jason's excellent performances in Open all Hours, The Darling Buds of May, Only Fools and Horses and A Touch of Frost, just to name a few, this is totally inexplicable. Why did he say yes to this? He must have made a quid or two over the years, enough to be able to turn down such a stinker.

Avoid this like the plague!

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A waste of time and money, 4 March 2012

I bought this film because it had Lucy Punch on the cast list, so it couldn't really be all bad. Well, it could.

A bunch of 30-plus actors (looking 35) trying to convince us they're 22-23 and failing epically. And how would any of these losers be able to have a career as high-flying bankers just four years after high school? No effing way, that's how.

There isn't even much of an 80s vibe to the movie. A few cars, shoulder pads and one case of rolled up sleeves, that's it.

Add some wooden acting (excepting maybe Anna Faris, who makes the most of her part), unfunny funny guy (Fogler, who is just obnoxious), unexciting leading lady (Palmer, who looks nothing special) and a general lack of cohesion, and you've got one really bad comedy.

Topher Grace can't even pronounce the name of his high school crush. The yearbook says "Tori Federking", he keeps saying "Fredricking" all through the movie (and he co-wrote the story!). That's fr-ckring annoying, if you ask me.

And Lucy Punch was on screen for maybe two minutes. What a waste of talent.

"Dag" (2010)
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A pleasant surprise, despite being quite unpleasant!, 2 November 2011

Norwegian sitcoms are not exactly the hottest thing on TV, at least not since they cancelled "Fleksnes", which was an adaptation of Hancock's Half Hour, only much better, back in the late sixties. But "Dag", about this very improbable dystopic loner of a couples' counsellor is right up there with the very best from anywhere, like Curb your enthusiasm or The Office (no similarities apart from the quality).

All the pieces of the puzzle fall readily into place: Very witty scriptwriting, and original concept, great casting, superb acting, clever directing and well-paced editing. The fact that it's done in Norwegian makes it twice as funny; it really is the funniest language in the world – especially to us Swedes.

By the way, the very lovely Tuva Novotny is not Norwegian, but Swedish. You're forgiven for thinking so though, since her accent is 100 percent perfect.

In short, don't miss this little comedy gem!

Fourplay (2001)
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Truly awful, 6 August 2011

To compare this to Notting Hill, as they do on the DVD cover, is the only thing funny about this film. No romance, no comedy, bad music... Can't find anything negative to say about the plot, though, because basically there is none.

Writing 10 lines about this "film" is absolutely impossible – stupid rule,by the way: why force reviewers to be long-winded?. So here go the first five lines again...

To compare this to Notting Hill, as they do on the DVD cover, is the only thing funny about this film. No romance, no comedy, bad music... Can't find anything negative to say about the plot, though, because basically there is none.

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2 hours mostly wasted, 31 July 2011

The Coen brothers are responsible for at least three of my ten best films of all time, but this is not one of those films. It is labeled as a comedy, which is stretching the truth a bit. OK, a few scenes are very funny in the quirky Coen tradition, but 90 % of the time it's all about religion. If you're Jewish, it might be of some interest, but to those of us who realise that organised religion - whatever the faith – is just a big hoax to gain and retain power, it's just b-o-r-i-n-g. Way to deep! The "jiddisch folktale" that opens the movie even made me angry. The brothers confess that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the story – so why put it in there? Pure garbage! And why do the Coen brothers end their movies by just randomly turning off the camera these days? We saw it first in "No country for old men" – which was a superb film right up to the totally abrupt ending, and they do it again here.

On the plus side, the cinematography and set designs are top notch, and the actors do a good job with the material they have been given. But if you see the words "Coen brothers comedy" and expect a masterpiece like The Big Lebowski or Burn After Reading, you will be very disappointed.

Superb comedy drama!, 13 August 2010

Swedish comedy drama on TV – that's a bit of an oxymoron. But for once they got everything right. A good script, good directing, and fantastic acting – none of them have ever performed better! It's really heart-warming, but never gets too sentimental. Lots of funny little details. I'd say quality-wise, this is actually as good as Mike Bullen's masterpieces "Cold feet" and "Life begins".

I liked it a lot the first time around in 2001, and it has lost none of its charm now, 9 years later. Why we haven't seen anything else from the excellent writers is a mystery. These three episodes could very well have been expanded to another series or two.

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