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Excellent drama with excellent actors, 10 June 2002

This movie is based on the novel by Stefan Zweig and takes place during the second world war in Austria. A rather wealthy, good situated citizen of Vienna gets in conflict with the Nazis (- he organizes the rescue if important art -) and gets imprisoned. As he is a very intellectual and intelligent man he is "tortured" by the lack of books, music, words or other "food for brain". Nearly becoming insane, he is able to steel one book. First he is very disappointed because there are no words in it: it is a book full of check-games. But this book saves his life...

boring, interesting, strange,..., 18 December 2001

It is an experimental movie with no dialogues. Never before have I seen such a movie. It is rather boring because there is no plot and hardly anything is spoken but on the other hand that makes the movie also interesting. There are two men. One is producing glass windows in different shapes and the second is putting these to their places. These places are rather weired: ruins, stones,... They only see each other at the end of the movie when they meet at the border line but they do not talk to each other. A rather strange movie...