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Firelight (1997)
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Major Plot Hole, 13 August 2006

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Can someone explain to me how the comatose wife lived for more than 10 years without eating!? Did I miss something somewhere? Another plot hole -- the main character manages to get pregnant after 3 nights together, but once they start having an affair 7 years later, she miraculously doesn't get pregnant. It was okay as romances went, but I really want movies to be logical in some way and this plot hole really unnerved me while watching the film. This could have been a really good period piece but it seemed to get schmaltzier the closer it got to the end. Other people said it was predictable -- which it was. And boy was that daughter pretty wise for a 7 year old, especially one isolated in a manor house her entire life. It ended up looking like a made for TV movie by the end.

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The Author Should Sue!, 1 January 2006

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After reading the book, I was excited when this film came on cable, But I was so disappointed in its rendering of the book! I hope the studios paid the author a lot of money to rewrite his story! The character of Noah was totally changed and I could count on my hands the number of scenes or events that actually occurred in the book! I can't believe how many liberties they took with the story!!! It was totally ruined for me. Entire segments of Noah's life were omitted. Noah was shy and not the type of person to hang himself from a ferris wheel (which never happened in the book). He also never met Ali's parents during the summer Noah and Ali fell in love. (And I don't recall Ali going to Sarah Lawrence.) And what about Ali's art career?? They mention one little picture without indicating how important that picture was to Noah. It's movies like this that make me hate Hollywood and all the talentless producers who wouldn't know a good story if it hit them over the head. Thank goodness for independent films! I hope Nick Sparks goes to an independent director/producer to bring his second book to life--someone who will respect the real story.

Max (2002/I)
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Good story poorly executed, 5 September 2005

This script could have made an excellent film, but it was totally ruined by miscasting and misdirecting. The most obvious mistake, and one I can hardly believe anyone on the cast, let alone the director, let happen, was the mish-mash of accents! On top of that, add misuse of words appropriate for the time period. In the first half hour, John Cusack's character says he's "pissed off" -- this term wasn't even used until 1968 (check the Oxford English Dictionary)! The writer should have checked on this--it's unconscionably poor writing. And speaking of John Cusack, he was totally miscast, or misdirected, here. Why did the director let him play his typical modern character? His mannerisms and language were totally out of period, making his character unbelievable. And as soon as that happens in a story, you lose your audience.

No Man's Land (2001/I)
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Deeply Disturbing, 4 March 2003

This is a deeply disturbing film that everyone should see. It brings home the true insanity of war and the total depravity of the human mind. War is a sick, sick business that doesn't care about the human condition. It boggles my mind that some people think it was funny!! They need to spend a day in a war-torn country because they're too distanced from the horrors -- this is not MASH.

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Incredible, 2 August 2002

The kind of film I didn't think Hollywood could make anymore. Incredible story, incredible characters, incredible acting. I'm glad the studios let it take as long as it needed to tell the story instead of forcing it to conform to their 2-hour format.