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A Cliché Romantic Comedy that Pokes Fun at Other Romantic Comedies, 30 June 2011

I was able to see a sneak screening of this movie almost 1 month prior to it's official release. I honestly walked in simply thinking I was seeing another typical romantic comedy with my girlfriend. To my surprise it was much more.

Timberlake plays an LA Blog Art Director who has just been recruited to work for GQ in New York by Kunis who is a headhunter. The two had great chemistry through out the movie.

What's funny is that even though it does contain the usual Cliché scenes that most romantic adult comedies contain, it does tend to poke fun at them and have some sort of realism to the plot.

Both Timberlake and Kunis are likable and really funny. Woody Harrelson was the best addition to support this younger cast. Harrelson plays a flamboyantly gay sports editor who goes from making sexual advances to JT, to offering him some pearls of wisdom with his love life.

I would have to say this movie was very enjoyable and if your skeptical about seeing it in the theaters, definitely put it on your "must rent" list.

Super 8 (2011)
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If you don't go to the movies often, add this to your list of movies to see!!!, 10 June 2011

I was able to see Super 8 in Imax yesterday evening. This movie captures all emotions. The actors are well casted and did a great job. Yes there is a train crash, yes there is a monster, but there is so much more to this movie. Fear, humor, sadness, excitement.....It's all there. Of course for those who go who really want to see what came out of the train that night, you will definitely get an in depth look. It's not like in Cloverfield, which I also love, where you have an idea of what the monster looks like and he's in and out of focus.

It's funny, it's intense, and it makes you appreciate the value of human life. MUST SEE!!!