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Hulk (2003)
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Surprisingly Good And I Hope We See A Sequel, 20 August 2003

I will be entirely honest with you-I wasn't expecting much from this Hulk movie. After viewing the initial trailers, I thought, 'Oh no, this is gonna be rubbish.'

However, I was glad to be proven wrong and actually found this an enjoyable movie out of all the summer movies I had seen and I anxiously await the DVD release and the inevitable sequel.

Firstly, I think there are different types of people who didn't enjoy it. I've read some good comments on here from people who didn't enjoy it and I could see their points. Some people judged it on it's own merits and didn't like it which I think is fine. However, some people-before it had even been released-were comparing it to the 70's TV show and I think this subconsciously affected their judgement. I've heard people saying they didn't enjoy it because the Hulk was not CGI, there was no Lou Ferrigno in it, there was no Jack McGee in it and it was different from the TV show.

The TV show was the finest piece of work ever seen on the small screen. It was directed by Kenneth Johnson who was a real visionary and I still have respect for his vision of The Hulk. But this new Hulk movie wasn't made to imitate the original series. It was more in line with the comic book. In the comic book, The Hulk could jump for miles, throw tanks in the air and was a giant. Obviously, the TV show didn't follow the same path and featured a more tragic story and realistic events. I respect the visions of both Kenneth Johnson and Ang Lee. I just don't think it is constructive to compare a 70's TV show to a 2003 movie. The original TV series was perfect so there was no need for it to be told again. I think this movie needs to be judged for what it is and if people don't like it, that is fine. But not liking it because it is different to the TV show is, in my opinion, wrong.

Eric Bana does a pretty good job as Bruce Banner. Again, I am not going to compare his performance to the late great Bill Bixby. Bana did a good job of making the audience feel sympathy for him and I hope he is given the opportunity to expand on this in any future sequels.

The big guy himself was CGI but early trailers were misleading. He looked great on that screen and I liked the close-ups of his face and the anguish on it. And he looked amazing as he threw tanks into the air and jumped for miles. Fans of the original comic book Hulk will love those scenes.

Jennifer Connelly did a good job as Betty Ross and succeeded in giving here character some depth. Again, a two hour movie cannot really do justice to an interpretation of a comic book character. Perhaps if we can see a Hulk 2 and Hulk 3, then we can see more of Connelly's portrayal.

Sam Elliot did a fantastic job as General Ross. He was quite different to the General Ross from the comic which was a good thing. The comic book General Ross barked orders and acted like a clown at times which would not have been good for a movie. Things do need to change when adapted from comic book to big screen.

Nick Nolte did a superb job as David Banner, who was the father of Bruce Banner. Fans of the comic book will know about the abuse young Bruce suffered at the hands of his father and Nolte does a good job here actually making the audience feel both sympathy and disdain for his actions.

Josh Lucas played the villainous Glen Talbot. To be honest, he did a fair job but I didn't feel too much for the character.

I strongly urge you to see this movie-there are some great scenes such as The Hulk's battle with three mutated dogs and a scene where The Hulk ends up in the troposphere whilst on a USAF jet. And there are several nice references and nods to the original TV series. Plus, Stan Lee is in it and there's a brief cameo by Lou Ferrigno.

There may or may not be a sequel. I certainly hope we see a sequel so we can explore everything in depth. So movie producers, if you're listening, please can we have a sequel? If we don't get one then I may get angry. Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Knight Rider 2000 (1991) (TV)
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Fairly Enjoyable And Honours The Original KR Series Well, 12 July 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Knight Rider 2000 was not without a few minor faults; however, these faults were so minor that one could easily forgive them when viewing this enjoyable movie.

I don't really rate most reunion movies as they never match the spirit of the original but to be fair, how can they ever? Can an artist recreate an original painting? No, so you have to let a few things pas by when reviewing a reunion movie.

The story is set in 2000 where police officers are forbidden to carry guns and criminals are cryogenically frozen. The Foundation for Law and Government still exists but K.I.T.T. is just a memory and Michael Knight has been on one long sabbatical. A policwoman is shot in the head and one of K.I.T.T.'s original chips is implanted in her head. This means she will eventually team up with Michael Knight (who comes out of retirement) and K.I.T.T. (whose brain was kept even after the car was scrapped). Eventually, Michael and Shawn (the policewoman) do battle against the evil Thomas Watts (played by Mitch Pileggi), the man who originally shot Shawn.

Firstly, the minor faults. No mention of Bonnie (or April) and RC3 from the original series. This is always a problem with reunion movies; you wonder if it would really be that hard to at least mention characters who don't show up for the film. Secondly, one fault (considered by most fans) is that K.I.T.T. is not a black Trans-Am and that there are no major stunts in this movie. However, I didn't find this a fault as for once, the characters carried the show and whilst K.I.T.T. should always retain an important part in the KR universe, we didn't need to see him Turbo Boost or Ski Mode in order to make the story great. The story was great despite the lack of stunts.

And, it is an interesting story with interesting characters and a very good plot. Some reunion movies can show lazy scripting but I didn't see this in KR 2000. It's hard to find fault with this film even if you look for it (which I didn't). It is a shame we didn't get to see this develop into a TV show (even a short-lived one). The final point I'd like to make is how devastated I was at the death of Devon Miles who was an integral character in the original KR. The actor who played Devon- Edward Mulhare- died of cancer a few years after this show.

If you can appreciate that this will be different in some ways to the original series, then you will enjoy it. KR 2000 does a good job in honouring the spirit of the original series whilst giving KR fans something new.

X-Men 2 (2003)
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After Watching This, Roll On X-Men 3, 5 May 2003

Absolutely happy! That is the only word I can use to describe my feelings after spending my hard-earned money to see X-Men 2. It was worth every penny.

Firstly, the makers of superhero films such as this have an unenviable task. They have to please hardcore comic fans and casual movie fans which is no easy task. And The X-Men-with their forty years of history and continuity-are perhaps the hardest heroes to put on the big screen. Well, I've spoken to many hardcore X-fans and casual movie fans and they all enjoyed it too.

I won't go into great detail about the plot. Let's just say that The X-Men and their enemy Magneto have to join forces to combat an even bigger threat. I enjoyed this movie so much because for the first time in years, I didn't read ANYTHING about the plot or any reviews prior to viewing it. That is why I'm not going to go into great detail about the plot. Just enjoy it.

All the favourites are back including my personal favourite Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (I hope Wolverine gets his own movie franchise one day). The makers of this movie have done a great job in making sure various characters get the right amount of screen time. We'd all love our favourites to get more screentime but with so many X-Men (and women), the producers have to do the best they can; and they do indeed.

There are a few really great special effects in this movie but unlike some special effects laden movies, the plot is more important in this movie. Furthermore, the movie is much deeper and really makes you think. Marvel comics (and movies) have always been deep and many of the issues have reflected real life. This movie is about persecution and intolerance of mutants and reflects many issues from the past and the present such as Hitler's treatment of the Jews and the different ideologies of Martin Luthor King and Malcom X. In fact, many longtime X-fans have compared the X-Men's Professor X to Martin Luthor King and the evil Magneto to Malcom X. Seeing a movie like this cannot only provide a couple of hours of entertainment but make you view society in a totally different way.

This is the best superhero film since the 70's (when we saw gems such as Superman The Movie) and the 80's (when we saw Tim Burton's Batman). It was a fantastic film but it begs one question-how are they ever going to top this?

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Pure Fun!, 3 May 2003

I have been a fan of ALL Hanna-Barbera cartoons for a long long time now. They are all pure fun, very very funny and just totally wacky. What's not to like about them?

Yogi Bear featured, well, Yogi Bear. He was joined by cute sidekick Boo-Boo (a nickname I gave to my baby brother many many years ago). Together, they caused havoc at Jellystone National Park. Much like Hanna-Barbera's other creation Top Cat caused havoc for Officer Dibble, Yogi and Boo-Boo caused havoc for Ranger John Smith.

There was a lot of fun in all the episodes as Yogi and Boo-Boo did what normal bears do-nick food. Of course, in real life, a bear will not only nick food but nick your head as well. Thankfully, Yogi and Boo-Boo were a little more mild-mannered.

All in all, a fantastically funny show. One of my favourite scenes which I still remember now was where Yogi shot an arrow through the window of a cafe and the arrow-in mid-flight-caught a cake, a turkey and something else. The arrow came out another window and hit a tree where Yogi was waiting to collect his food.

See why I liked it?

This Show Needs No Introduction, 3 May 2003

I'm not going to talk about what the rules are for this show. Everyone knows it's about answering fifteen questions correctly to win £1,000,000.

This has been going in the UK since 1998 and it has spread all over the world. It is presented by the charismatic Chris Tarrant who has a great rapport with the contestants and provides plenty of entertainment. There have been some wonderful contestants over time. Some of them have been reckless gamblers, some of them have been cautious and some of them have just been damn strange.

I like the show because it's not easy. People really have to work for their money. The first few questions are easy but after, that, they are really hard.

There's several puzzling things about the show though. Why are the audience so stupid when a contestant 'Asks The Audience?' Why does 50/50 always leave the least obvious answers? And, why when Chris Tarrant phones the contestants friend, is the phone never engaged?

It is now 2003 and the show has been running for nearly five years. And it's set to get bigger thanks to the notorious 'Millionaire Fraud Trial' where British Army Major Charles Ingram, his wife and another contestant were found by a jury to be guilty of cheating to get to the million. Whether they did cheat or not will be debated for years to come? What we can be certain of is that the publicity arising from the trial will ensure Millionaire's continued success for years.

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"Get Your Trousers On-Your Nicked!", 3 May 2003

"Get Your Trousers On-Your Nicked!", was the quote from this highly popular series which ran from the 70's to the early 80's.

The late great John Thaw played Detective Inspector Jack Regan and was joined by Dennis Waterman as Detective Sergeant George Carter, they were both detectives for New Scotland Yard.

Don't look for too much character development in this show. It's all about car chases, fights, gunshots and the like. It was the perfect show for testosterone driven males like myself who were only interested in action. D.I. Regan and D.S. Carter were two tough sons of guns-they engaged in fistfights routinely and couldn't stop drinking. They took absolutely no notice of the rulebook and did whatever they pleased.

The 70's were a great time for action shows and this a fantastic show, well worth a serious look.

Great Film And Closer To Reality Now More Than It Was In 1987, 3 May 2003

In The Running Man, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Ben Richards, an innocent man accused of mass murder. The film is set in 2019 and Ben is forced to take part in a gameshow called The Running Man, a gameshow where you literally have to fight for your life.

This is a great film full of the usual Arnie action and with an interesting premise. Richard Dawson plays slimy gameshow host Damon Killian who blackmails Ben Richards in the film and Maria Conchita Alonso plays Amber Mendez, also on the run with Ben Richards.

The action in this film is great and there are some interesting villains in the show. Arnie does his usual good job (he says f**k you better than anyone else) with some great dialogue and there's the usual fisticuffs and explosions. The characters in this movie are all characters you can feel some kind of emotion for (whether it be love or hate). This is one of Arnie's underrated gems.

I first watched this movie back in 1987 and to me, it was just entertainment and pure fantasy. That was 1987. I'm writing this in 2003 and this show may be closer to reality than you would think.

All over the world, since the late 90's but more so during this century, there have been a glut of reality TV shows. Big Brother, Survivor, I'm A Celebrity:Get Me Outta Here. More and more shows seem to be reality than fiction. People are literally doing things on live TV that may have seemed unrealistic years ago. This is an interesting point. Back in 1987, The Running Man was fiction. Here, in 2003, a gameshow like The Running Man may be closer to reality than anyone would have ever thought possible. TV producers are continually trying to top their last effort-don't be surprised if something similar to this film appears within the next ten years.

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The Best Anthology Show Ever...Often Imitated, Never Duplicated, 3 May 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The original Twilight Zone is, without a doubt, the best anthology show ever. Far superior to the 1980's version and anthology shows that came after, this is a superior TV series.

Each of the stories had great dialogue, fantastic plots and really creepy endings. I won't go into detail about the stories because it would spoil it-but they were creepy and thought-provoking at the same time. Some of the plots were pure fantasy at the time but now in 2003, some of the plots may be close to reality...and that's the scary thing.

Throughout it's history, the show's guest stars read like a Who's Who of Cult TV. You had William Shatner from Star Trek (in an absolutely fantastic episode) and there were other stars as well such as the late Bill Bixby. It was fantastic.


The best story for me ever was a creepy tale featuring Burgess Meredith (The Penguin from the Batman TV show). He is a bookworm in the episode and loves spending all his time reading. He is ridiculed for this. One day, he is in an underground library when there is a nuclear holocaust above. Now, he decides he will stay underground and read as much as he wants. Then, in a horrible accident, his glasses fall to the ground and are shattered. After finally having the opportunity to read to his heart's content, he has now been deprived of his one hobby forever. Creepy or what?


All in all, perhaps the creepiest show ever. Definitely cult TV with a capital 'C.'

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Surprisingly Enjoyable, 3 May 2003

When I first heard about this show, I thought to myself, 'No way am I going to enjoy this. This is purely for very young kids.' Surprisingly, I was wrong.

The Turtles are four ninja's who take their orders from a rat called Splinter. They live in the sewers and they have a friend above called April O' Neill who is a reporter. They battle enemies such as the ninja Shredder, the rhino Bebop and wild boar Rocksteady. Oh, and let's not forget big fat pink Krang who lives in another dimension.

To me, it looked like a show for very young kids. But, I actually enjoyed it. I loved the dialogue ("Cowabunga dude!") and I enjoyed the stories. All the characters-both good and bad-were an integral part of the show and had some great scenes.

Turtles trained as ninja's who love pizza and fight evil. What's not to like about that?

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Not Gerry Anderson's Best Show But Still Enjoyable Enough, 3 May 2003

Compared to classics such as Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlet, Terrahawks paled in comparison. However, to be fair, let's judge it on it's own merits. Perhaps comparing an 80's puppet show to a 60's puppet show isn't ethical.

Terrahawks featured a military unit called Terrahawks (led by Dr. Tiger Ninestein) against an evil alien called Zelda (easily the ugliest character in any TV show) and her even uglier son Yung-Star. Zelda is one of these aliens who won't settle down and get a hobby, preferring to conquer the Earth instead (I wonder what these aliens do for fun after they've conquered a whole planet). Anyway, Ninestein and his Terrahawks Unit (which included characters such as ace pilot Hawkeye) battled the evil forces of Zelda each week. Joining the Terrahawks were two annoying but loveable robots Sgt. Major Zero and Space Sgt. 101 who were usually getting on Ninestein's nerves.

The show does seem rather dated now. A new process was used in the TV show-supermacromation where the puppets didn't have strings(unlike Supermarionation which used strings in the 60's shows and paradoxically, looked better). I don't know if I'd enjoy it if I watched it now. And whilst it was largely enjoyable, it was lacking that certain something that seperates a good TV show from a really great TV show.

But, all in all, kids will love it and it did have it's moments. Enjoy!

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