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Se7en (1995)
great suspense
3 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this movie was very suspenseful. It's about two detectives, Freeman and Pitt,who are trying to solve serial mysteries. The victims were innocent people who were being killed because the crazy "john Doe" condemned to death because they had committed a sin. The title to the movie se7en are for the seven deadly sins; gluttony, pride, wrath, envy,greed, sloth, and lust. "John Doe" whom the detectives can't find any type of finger prints to kills each person and leaves clues for the next killing. Freeman portrays a great detective in this movie, it was like he was meant to be a detective, like in Along Came a Spider. I was very intrigued when he stated "there are seven deadly sins etc......." At first i was like wow!! How does he know this ? Then he teaches Pitt what he should be looking forward to.Pitt goes and gets books and cliff notes on the stories.

The movie is set in New York, some of the places the detectives visit is dark and gloomy. The are some scenes where you see the inexperience detective Pitt, almost gags and/or cover his nose, which Freeman an experienced Detective don't.The movie has a twisted ending which is a mouth dropper. I would advise anyone to see this movie, especially if you love a suspenseful, crime, gory movie.
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