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The Leftovers (2014– )
Not perfect, but near perfection...
20 December 2014
The Leftovers was one of the best new shows in 2014. Though it leaves many unanswered questions, I felt quite fulfilled by what it did present in it's short first season. Keep a bit of an open mind, and if you'll let your imagination run wild, it'll be easier to enjoy this tremendous show thoroughly.

Great acting by most of the cast, superb direction, and a soundtrack that fits. Though the story can move a bit slow at times, there are moments when it's got you glued to the screen, sitting at the edge of your seat with your heart ready to drop to the floor. I can't wait to see what they bring us in Season 2.

If you loved 'Les revenants' (The Returned) and the likes, give The Leftovers a try. You may very well be surprised at how awesome this is. And let me assure you, the season 1 finale doesn't disappoint either.
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Hannibal (2013–2015)
Dark and better than I expected!
5 April 2013
I wasn't sure what to expect of this, and the preview/promo that I had seen didn't make me much excited about it. But honestly, I kinda loved the pilot and see a lot of potential here. Hugh Dancy is superb as Special Agent Will Graham and Mads Mikkelsen does justice to the role of Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Exceptional acting all around...

I've read a few people complaining of the series moving a bit too fast, but I found that not to be the case. The pace so far has been perfect and I certainly hope that it doesn't slow it down much.

For a moment, the first dream/killing sequence reminded me of another series (unforgettable) but Hannibal does these scenes in an extremely vivid and artistic manner that you just can't not love. The score is well selected and goes well with all the scenes.

Looking forward to seeing how the story pans out with time. And judging by the preview that they gave at the end of the first episode, I'm expecting I'll love it a lot more!

A must-watch for anyone who likes psychological thrillers.
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Motive (2013–2016)
Not perfect, but one of a kind...
27 March 2013
Given that each episode starts off with identifying both the killer as well as the victim, this is a one of a kind series. The premise doesn't look that strong nor does it seem like it would be worth watching when you already know the identities of both victim & killer. But like the name suggests; Motive is entirely about the motive that leads the killer to kill the victim.

Call me crazy, but I love this show so far and don't see myself not watching it. If you, like me, love watching drama that explore the psyche of people and what drives them to do what they do, then you'll love this one. Most of the time when you're introduced to the killer, you can't place him/her as a killer and it's interesting to watch what leads them there.

The one thing that's left to be desired right now from this series is that you don't have much to connect with the leads of the show. I'm probably gonna stick around and see where this one goes.
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Golden Boy (2013)
Fantastic new drama that you simply can't not love!
25 March 2013
I pretty much got addicted to Golden Boy from the very first episode, just like I loved Southland. Both are extremely different dramas and unique in their own manner from the increasing number of cop-dramas out there.

The actors are marvellous, the score is tremendous, and the main/background story captivating. Loved every single episode so far, and keeping my fingers crossed that this one stays around for long and doesn't loose what it's got going for it.

The case of the week so far in each episode has been presented and directed with perfection, not leaving much room for complaints. And the duality of the main character keeps you watching his every move from start to finish.

The premise' sort of reminds me of Jack & Bobby (another series that I loved - which unfortunately was canceled after one superb season). Knowing where the main character ends up and seeing him pave his way by making decisions to further his career has a different appeal to it. He's making mistakes, learning, and you can see his relationship with his partner strengthen with each case.

Chi McBride as a veteran cop shines. And Theo James delivers a superb performance overall... No complaints there!

This is a show that's worth your time. Give it a watch, hopefully you won't be disappointed.
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An enjoyable movie
4 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I would probably have rated this 6 rather than 7 but it honestly wasn't that bad either. I loved the movie a lot, but i guess expectations were really high and thus i was left a little bit disappointed.

Chris Evans was a surprise as the lead. I was afraid when he was cast as Captain America - Fantastic 4 anyone? But he did justice to the role. However the movie and the overall story left a little bit too much to be desired.

It seems like that the movie's unspoken purpose is to be just an installment for The Avengers and honestly after seeing this, i'm kind of starting to worry if Avengers will hold up to the hype or not!

Red Skull is perhaps one of the worst villains portrayed, but then again, it kind of brings one to reality - fools with powerful toys at their disposal! The movie also got a tad bit too long and kind of looses interest!

One thing that really bugged me - and i know it isn't that big of a deal - but in the end when Captain America wakes up and hears the game on the radio and busts out - So they knew all about Caption America to set up that facade but didn't know such an important tid-bit about exactly when he actually vanished?

Nonetheless, it had its ups and downs and overall i enjoyed it for what it was. Just don't expect "too much" from it and you'll be fine!
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A brilliant documentary!
2 August 2011
This is the first time i'm writing a review and maybe it is because i haven't been so unexpectedly thrown off by any movie/documentary like this before.

When i started watching "Koran by Heart", I didn't expect much from it other than the director following the competition in Egypt and pretty much that. But the way the movie follows the three kids, provides their story in bits, and focuses on the competition along with, it was simply brilliant. The documentary has a richness to it that makes it a must see for everyone.

I won't write anything about the story but again say that it is the most inspiring documentary I have watched in a long time. It made me laugh and it made me cry. And while the major focus of the documentary is the competition, it tackles so much more than that!
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The best comedy to come out in a long long time
29 May 2008
I was going to give this one a miss. Though i read what critics have to say, i never make a choice based on what they do say - for they are Critics after all.

It was IMDb that actually got me to consider that this movie was not worthy to watch. I used to look at ratings at Movies.Yahoo but now i rely on what IMDb has to say, and when i saw the 5.0/10 rating, i was like; Wow! this must not be that good then.

However, when i had no other options, i decided that i'd give this a go. And boy am i glad that i watched it. It is the best comedy to come out in a really long time, and i mean that 100%. It was fast - comedies loose their charm when they tend to go slow on you - quick in getting to the main story instead of lagging us on and on, and surprisingly the Vegas section was pretty small which was actually a Plus point! The acting was superb, some of the scenes were just hilarious, and others were great. The ending was expected, but then for such movies it is...

All i can say is that it was after a really long time that i watched most of the movie again and again (yes twice) right after i had completed it.

In short... if you want to have a great time and some good laughs then give this a go. You won't be disappointed. Don't sit down as a critic, but sit down as someone expecting to be entertained.
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