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Oh no, this is bad, 5 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really don't like the movie. Wait, scratch that. I really don't like how the movie was executed.

I went into this movie after finishing the book, and I wanted a good and faithful version of one of the best books I've ever read. But soon, one bad thing caused a chain reaction.

I liked the first 10 minutes of the movie, but then at the Reaping, there's all this camera movement that I was warned about by Bum Reviews. Then, there's barely any dialogue. I was bored out of my mind because of how little dialogue there is. Speaking of camera-work, why do 1/5 of all shots feature Jeniifer Lawrence's face? She did give a wonderful performance, but then again I read the book, and they turned Katniss into a somewhat weak and helpless little girl by the end of the movie.

It's weird how the dialogue is so slow, but the movie goes by so fast. Probably because they took 267 pages and used only 100! There are so many great moments in the book, like interview coaching and the friendship between Katniss and Peeta, that are barely in the movie. This leads to zero character development and likability. Also, why is there only one kiss between Katniss and Peeta? Then there's all this hugging, which makes Twilight look like a convincing romance.

What's weird is how the film seems so rushed, but it's 142 minutes LONG! The Help was that long, and it seemed long, but it got the characters to appeal to us. As with screen time of characters, Wes Bently probably has the most, and he was probably in the first book for two pages. I do like the performances of Gale and Cato, but I found Peeta to be too cartoony.

Let's sum it up by saying it has effort, but it failed to be as detailed as the book. Though some things are good, a million things are bad. Or good. Maybe it wasn't too bad. No wait, it was mixed. I don't know why I can't figure out this movie, if it is good or bad. I probably watched too many shaky scenes...

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"That'll be a $2 charge for resting on my rock.", 4 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are 10 reasons why I love this episode. Here they are: 1.) Team Rocket start off the episode with their first (of many) hole gag in the series.

2.) I think Flint's business was actually pretty successful... back in 1976 when pet rocks were popular!

3.) Flint has a soft voice and hurl insults at Ash. It's kind of like Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock.

4.) There's a shout-out to the TCG on the poster.

5.) I think that Onix isn't as scary as the deadly stadium closing in on Ash and Pikachu. Very suspenseful!

6.) I love how Brock insults Pikachu's Japanese cuteness (RTS= Remember Tracey Sketchit?)

7.) I remembered an old Mad Magazine cover that said, "How do we kill this Pokemon?" I have the answer: high voltage.

8.) Even though Pikachu can't fry Ground types, he seems to fry Geodude. But that's because Pikachu is strong.

9.) When Brock hands over his duties to Flint, you really flashback to the first episode with Delia Ketchum.

10.) It's Brock's first episode, silly!

Maybe that wasn't any help. I do love the dramatic plot points and the special effects, the clever moves and hilarious gags. Well, bye! Best Watched with: Pretzels or Jawbreakers

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Oh Yeah!, 3 May 2011

This is probably one of my favorite video games. The best part is the dialog. There are so many great lines, like Homer with "I am evil Homer!", Marge with "I shouldn't be laughing at that", Bart with "My beautiful skull", Lisa with "Watch where you're going!", and Comic Book Guy with "I have spilled my Squishee." But the Holy Donut of Dialogue goes to Apu. I love his quotes like "I hope my store is robbed only three times while I'm driving around," "Move your clumsy vehicle," and "That is a four-wheeled disgrace." But my favorite Apu line is, "Who put this here? It makes no sense!" I also love the graphics, action, humor, and the fact that the vehicle can actually be damaged, and realistically.

Best Food with Title: Donuts

Fame (2009)
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Not Fame, It's Shame!, 23 March 2011

This film is just awful. I didn't want to see it, but my mom did want to see it. I did like musicals, so I went. It was like "Rent" or "In the Heights", without lovable characters, a good plot, or necessary development. The only good feeling was an awkward Megan Mullaly singing. By the way, why is Megan Mullaly in this movie?! The same goes for Kesley Grammar. And Debbie Allen. Well, she was in the original movie, but she shouldn't be in this movie still. At only one point did I think. I was thinking of better times than this!!! Just take my word for it. If you read my reviews, I just praise everything. Well, not this time! Just an awful, terrible movie. The worst movie of 2009.

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"I'm just testing the lifeboats.", 19 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Here are the 10 things I loved and you will, too:

1. I really love arcs in the series. (Ash's Starter Arc, Jotho Finals Arc, Saffron Ribbon Arc...I don't watch much)

2. This is the first time Team Rocket fools Ash with their cheap disguises. (It's great to meet the Pope and Lady Gaga. Hey, they're Team Rocket!)

3. James' impression of a girl is better than Ashley! ("Cool!"-"Cool!"-"Ain't I the coolest girl?")

4. First appearance of one of the best anime villains ever: Giovanni. (Kevin Spacey should play him.)

5. A gentleman looks more like a magician. (In the games, he has a bowler hat, cane, and white mustache.)

6. I thinks it's weird because of the fact of Ash wanting Butterfree back, though he'll ******* ********** in episode 20. (Didn't spoil it.)

7. I just thought of "Ocean's Eleven" when the Japanese con man sells James the Magikarp. It was hilarious when Meowth chipped off the paint! (RTS - Remember Tracey Sketchit?)

8. James is depressed when doing the motto. (Sorry, I couldn't think of an 8th reason. But it's actually kinda funny.)

9. Geodude has a great voice, especially when spinning with a group and beating the air out of Team Rocket.

10. We have found somebody less intelligent than Ash: the sailor. ("Now, if anybody is still on the ship, raise your hand." What do you mean? They're all in lifeboats. If they were, you wouldn't see them!!!)

I loved it. I hope you will, too.

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"Especially not on our first days as champions!", 18 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Here are the 10 things I loved and you will too.

1. Even if they help you, it's nice to skip those partially annoying flashbacks. (A montage, though, is a different story)

2. A little shout-out to the people in favor of Ash and Misty: Misty says, "Well, if you really want something, you'll have to go for it." (Wait, is that not in favor of it?)

3. The voice of a Ninetales sounds like Princess Peach. (or a female Mario)

4. Who knew the name Sparky would later become the name of Ritchie's Pikachu? (Sparky is the yellow-haired Eevee brother.)

5. Brock won't evolve Vulpix, even though his Lombre evolved with a stone by accident. (Also, Brock says that Vulpix is really special to him, but it isn't his.)

6. Team Rocket eat lobster. (Thank God the good people at Pokemon hadn't created Corphish yet.)

7. One con is that annoying voice of the Poliwrath trainer. It's like SpongeBob's southern lady impression. (RTS - Remember Tracey Sketchit?)

8. Another con is how the Eevee brothers always repeat her evolved Eevees names one by one. (They also make Halle Berry in X-Men look good, no offense)

9. This is probably the funniest episode I've reviewed: When Squirtle is about to battle TR, Psyduck pulls a Wobbuffet by standing in front, spewing some water, dancing like an idiot, and then making a peace sign. When Misty calls Jessie an old hag (Girl Power!), Jessie breathes fire and Meowth says, "Wow! Jessie just evolved into a Flareon!"

10. The above summary is not the funniest line. The funniest line is "Grasshopper have little sense but big mouth."

Okay, it's 8 reasons, but what are you gonna do?

Episode 38: Best watched with chocolate.

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"Not ANOTHER hole driller!", 18 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me give you the 10 things I loved and you will love, too.

1. It's good to see Misty afraid of bugs again. (Butterfree is Bug-type. why isn't she scared? Not even cuteness can stop her!)

2. It's glad to talk about locations, but keep it straight. (Cerulean City leads to the Daycare Center, then transported to Route 24 in the back?)

3. It's always funny when people get hit with Poke Balls. (This time, it's twice!)

4. Snarky jerks on "Pokemon" always bring a sense of real life. (Pokemon-wise)

5. Brock, aka Captain Obvious, has a full episode where he cares about a Pokemon. (His first Fire-type, though, is Vulpix)

6. Pikachu shocks the whole gang, again. (might be explanation for Ash's momentary stupidity)

7. Didn't that hole driller morph from Meowth to Poliwrath? But why did the gang not see the giant hidden behind the tree?! (It's either stupidity or this show is more confusing than "Lost"!)

8. I's good to see another British villain besides Team Rocket, even though, in Pokeland, Britain doesn't exist (RTS - Remember Tracey Sketchit?)

9. Five words: Charmander & Pikachu fighting together.

10. Charmander's second evolution is Charizard. Next to Pikachu, Charizard is everyone's favorite Pokemon that Ash has. All the 20-something guys on the IMDb Message Boards say that Charizard is a bad boy. (I don't curse. Sorry!)

This episode is great, in other words. But I want to know what you think!

If you build it, he will come, 23 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You could call it a masterpiece. Well, I do too! This is true genius from the corn stalk scene to the traffic scene. I've even been to the Field of Dreams AND I met an extra from the school meeting scene. With such excellent casting, setting, and humor, you'll love it! Maybe the only scene that didn't seem to amuse me was the Doc Gramhm talk scene in 1972. I didn't really care for it that much. I know it's probably an important scene in the film, but it didn't touch me. But I think it can be loved by parents and children alike. Besides, it got nominated for Best Pictue. That's great! Well, Time to close my comment for now. THE END. Next comment: Mamma Mia!

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Good for you, Lisa, 13 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode sets a good example on people that meat is wrong. That's because I'M A VEGETARIAN! This also marks the first time I've seen Troy McClure, one of my favorite characters. You might remember him from such educational films as "2-3= Negeative Fun" and "Firecrackers: The Silent Killer". Plus, Paul and Linda McCartney guest star as themselves. I dedicate this episode and comment to all vegetarians everywhere. This episode gives us a little bit to think about. The animals, the differences, the reason why Troy McClure can't star in a box-office hit. Thank you for reading. Oh, almost forgot Paul's not dead.


Michael (1996)
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A movie from heaven, 24 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Why would this film be so good, but only gross an estimated $95,000,000 and have NO award nominations? John Travolta knows what he's doing. He knows he's Michael, a cigar smoking, womanizing, magical arch angel that came down to live with a dying lady and is now in a car with the staff of "The National Mirror" and their dog, Sparky, on the way to Chicago. It then turns into a road trip that's both horrible AND great. I don't even think the death scenes (3 to be exact) make this a tearjerker. The soundtrack is the best with "Heaven Is My Home", "Up Around The Bend", and "Chains Of Fools". I have very great expectations about this and I say that it should have had a little more respect in the 90's. Read my comment. Bye!

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