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1 - 28 seen or watching.
29 - till the end - shows I'd like to see.
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Firstly, in this list You'll find movies with minor fantasy elements (for e.g. Liar Liar) to ones, that take us to new imagined worlds (the LotR of course).
Secondly, I tried to position them in certain order, that similar movies would be as close to each other as possible.
And Thirdly, I placed explanations or recommendations there and there, if I thought it needed it or I just felt I like it.
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This is a list of upcoming movie titles, which sounded interesting from their synopses. And probably will be worth watching.
Random order.
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My favourite eyecandy. Some good at looking, others, at actually acting.
In very random order
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The list of ones I consider cool, good at acting or/and just generally looking.

Not finished. Recommendations will be appreciated.
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A list of movies I really love and have seen more than once.
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