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Ghost Voyage (2008) (TV)
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A not particularly good movie that really fell down at the end. Contains possible spoilers, 27 January 2008

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Ghost Voyage starts with a group of strangers awakening to find them selves stuck on a ship in the middle of the ocean with no idea where they are and how they got there. A mysterious figure known only as the Steward gives them a set of guidelines on how to behave and then disappears. Naturally in best horror film fashion they start wandering around the ship and the fun begins. The SciFi Channel is well known for making unbelievably bad movies. Ghost Voyage is one step above as it is believable that someone could make a movie this bad. Why is the question. The premise has potential. The forgotten classic Outward Bound was probably an inspiration for this dreck. I assume the people at the SciFi Channel who are in charge of lousy movies came across Outward Bound and decided to remake it as a slasher movie with. Really at this point it's clear that the SciFi Channel isn't even trying. I don't know how their economics work but garbage like this is not going to bring in viewers or advertisers. They could have done a faithful remake or even rerun Outward Bound and done better. Would have cost less (even lousy CGI cost money) and gotten better ratings.

Supergator (2007) (V)
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I will never understand, 15 July 2007

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I will never understand why the SciFi Channel continues to put out such garbage. Supergator one of a long (no idea of how long) line of ripoffs of Jurassic Park and Anaconda that the SciFi Channel has put on. I am not making any of the following titles up. Boa, Boa II, Python, Python II, Boa vs Python, Komodo, Komodo vs Python. None of which drew the ratings a Dragon Riders of Pern, a Witchworld, or The Word for World is Forest would have. And I seriously doubt that any of the latter would have cost remarkably more than any of the former. So why? I just don't get it. But enough about the SciFi Channel's general incompetence. Let's talk about this latest travesty. Poor acting, bad CGI, complete lack of logic and common sense on the part of the writers, stereotypical characters, etc. A prehistoric alligator is brought to life Jurassic Park style in Hawaii, escapes and mayhem ensues, while a dormant volcanoes threatens to erupt. The only thing I liked about this was the overabundance of eye candy.

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On one hand, 25 September 2005

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On one hand I want to actually congratulate the Scifi Channel for making a movie containing a new idea. A giant cloud of flying man-eating nanobots. Dumb but at least it wasn't dragons or giant snakes or man-eating fish which I believe have been featured in every movie made by the Scifi Channel up til now. On the other hand that was the only original thing in it. As pointed out previously, all and I do mean all characters were taken direct from science fiction cliché HQ. Spunky girl reporter, jive talking black guy, corporate baddie, etc. FX were mediocre. Acting as always was atrocious. Basically the usual garbage that Scifi Channel puts out but leaving us with that one glimmer of hope that someday the Scifi Channel will embrace the concepts of originality, imagination, and quality. PS is there a rule that ALL Scifi Channel movies must feature either David Keith or Dean Cain?

The Last Debate (2000) (TV)
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Utter Cowardice, 27 August 2004

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WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! The Last Debate did indeed miss the point but it is not the point that some of the previous posters have spoken about. In typical Hollywood liberal fashion the bad guy in the movie was a conservative/republican who allegedly abuses women and children. The good guys are the liberal journalists (the supposed conservative journalist is actually a closeted gay). The allegedly impartial journalists take upon themselves to launch a surprise attack on the bad guy in a live presidential debate. Afterword the journalists launch into some phony soul-searching about whether they did the right thing. The point to me, which was gutlessly avoided during the movie was WOULD THEY HAVE DONE IT IF THE BAD GUY HAD A BEEN A LIBERAL?

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Good but seriously flawed., 11 June 2004

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WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILERS! Five Days to Midnight is really, really good. It really is. But it is seriously flawed. The basic story is widowed college professor finds briefcase from the future containing police file of his murder five days hence. Overall it is well done. Superb direction, photography, acting (with the exception of the way over the top performance of Angus Macfayden as a mobster). The problems I had are several. 1) It doesn't address the grandfather paradox of time travel, especially after the professor changes the future the contents of the briefcase change (cute in Back to the Future, dumb here), 2) The required happy ending quite frankly falls down. 3) The miniseries is ridiculously over-padded and could have been told in half the time. Still overall I liked it and it is nice to see the Sci-Fi Channel actually using imagination and originality, not their strong point.

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My favorite TV western, 13 November 2003

I remember The High Chaparral from when I was a child and rediscovered it as an adult from reruns. What is most noticeable about THC as opposed to other TV westerns are two things; it was actually filmed outdoors instead of on a soundstage, unlike large chunks of other TV westerns such as Rawhide and Gunsmoke and especially The Big Valley. Because of this the show and the actors have an authentic dirty and sweaty look to them appropriate to the period and place. I mean hey, cattle ranching in Arizona now is hard, sweaty and dirty, think about how is was before running water. The other thing I liked about it is that not only did the recurring characters not always get along, some of them flat out just didn't like each other. Kind of like in the real world and unlike other TV westerns. These distinctive features along with superb acting, writing, and technical work (just watching the shows makes me want to sweat) adds to up to one heck of a show.

Foster and Laurie (1975) (TV)
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Well done true story, 10 November 2003

Foster and Laurie is the true story of the murder of two New York City policeman by black revolutionaries. Outstanding performances by the cast all the way around. The made for TV movie tells the parallel stories of the policemen and their assassins leading up to the murders in flashback style. Effort is made to present the killers as actual people and not just cardboard cutouts and commendably the initial racial tension between Foster and Laurie is shown.

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Reality strikes back!!!, 11 October 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING! CONTAINS POSSIBLE SPOILERS! Dumb, dumb, dumb. Hollywood takes the story of "Machine Gun Kelly" which could be better described as "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight; the Depression Years." And decided that reality just wouldn't work. Here is the real story (note: this movie was originally titled The Legend of Machine Gun Kelly). Bumbling farmer George Kelly at the behest of his wife decided to go into a life of crime with an equally incompetent assortment of misfits. They kidnapped a small time businessman, received a small ransom and were promptly tracked down by the FBI and captured with George lying in bed begging "Don't shoot G-Men!" Lengthy prison sentences all around with George dying of a heart attack in prison. The movie however is the story of a great romance, battles against the tyranny of the banks and government, and repeated blazing shootouts. NB There is absolutely not only no evidence Kelly ever killed anyone but none that he ever so much as fired a gun at anyone in his life! Hey Hollywood try the truth! It hurts sometimes but it will set you free!

"Switch" (1975)
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Not bad, 18 September 2003

Switch was an interesting little show, not great, not bad, fairly decent in fact. The premise was retired cop Eddie Albert teams up with retired con man/former adversary Robert Wagner as private eyes with a pre-Cagney and Lacey Sharon Gless as their secretary. Albert and Wagner had an excellent laid back chemistry and some the cases showed some originality and had a pretty high entertainment value. Two interesting notes about the show is I have never seen an article about Sharon Gless or the rest of the cast that even mentions the show and it seems to be completely forgotten in reruns, articles about television or the cast, etc. despite the high visibility of the cast. Second the first two seasons had a very light hearted approach but the last two were considerably darker in tone and far more violent. All in all a decent show that seems to have disappeared down the memory hole. NB Almost a quarter of a century after it first aired and a decade after IMD arrived this it the first comment on it to appear on IMD!

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Good start, 28 June 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Warning: contains possible spoilers!!! Dead Like Me has a great deal of possibilities. The premise is simple enough; some people after their death have to serve as Grim Reapers here on earth before passing on to the next (final?) stage of death. One of these is an 18 girl who in life could have served as a poster child for disaffected youth. The show has tremendous potential for satire on contemporary culture and asking some of life's ultimate questions. Why am I here? What's life all about etc. Plus it is at points hilarious. I see some major problems, an inclination to cutesiness, (the girl was killed by a toliet seat from the MIR space station), some logical consistency problems (why do the dead have to get jobs, eat, etc), an overly large cast (from what I can tell there are at least eight cast regulars), and an uncomfortable, subdued hostility to religion, (note to producers; lots and lots of people go to church and believe in God). We will see.

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