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Spike Up (2007)
Startling and revealing about police life, a terrific short film, 1 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

SPIKE UP is a blackly edgy tale of a veteran police officer (Roy Billing) whose life appears to be at a crossroads through an encounter with a drug-addled aboriginal, his wife's infidelities and a younger undercover police officer's drug addiction (Marcus Graham). The film's climax is both startling and revealing about police life, a terrific short film.

PETER KRAUSZ - Chair of the Australian Film Critics Association.

Member of the inaugural FIPRESCI jury at this year's Adelaide Film Festival

SPIKE UP stars acclaimed Australian actors Roy Billing (Rabbit Proof Fence, The Dish, Black and White), Marcus Garham (Blue Murder, Mulholland Drive) and Lisa Flanagan (Look Both Ways, Aussie Rules).