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Acceptable sequel.
12 September 2003
I finally saw My Wife is a Gangster 2 and enjoyed it a lot even though I didn't have the luxury of English subtitles and had to figure out what was going on, which thankfully, wasn't very hard. The story filled with clichés mostly revolves around Shin Eun-Gyeong's character having lost her memory after falling from a building during a fight (Don't ask!) and trying to remember who she was, gradually stumbling upon clues and elements from her past. A lot of characters make a comeback from the first one so it still feels true to the original, but I don't think some of them were used enough or appropriately. The movie wasn't filled with fighting as the trailer seemed to suggest, there rather was slightly less fight scenes than in the first one I would say. There's still a large dose of action, but those of you expecting something action packed which this series isn't might be deceived. Worth noting, Zhang Ziyi makes a cameo appearance at some point which I thought was very cool :) In the end, it's a pretty entertaining movie which follows the secret Korean law which stipulates there must be at least one sad moment, no matter how untimely plugged it might be, and as far as sequels go, it gets a good score. It wasn't as fresh or funny as the original, but give it a chance if you're a fan of the genre and don't miss it if you loved the first one.
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Simple and predictable, but an enjoyable satirical comedy.
17 June 2003
There seems to be a lot of movies about prostitutes coming out of Asia recently. This time, they're running for congress in a movie featuring more sentimentally charged moments than are needed to bring a tear to anyone's eye. Simple and predictable, an enjoyable satirical comedy which lasts close to two hours, but never feels too long.
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Iron Palm (2002)
An entertaining romantic comedy about determination.
12 August 2002
Iron Palm comes the United States after five long years of being separated from his girlfriend in an attempt to win back her heart and ultimately spend the rest of his life with her as the real romantic he is. He comes back as a new and different man for the love of his life, Ji-ni, who he'll quickly find out; has also changed from the girl he knew five years ago as well and who now has a new boyfriend in Los Angeles. But that doesn't stop the determined and somewhat obsessed Iron Palm. (A name he gave himself when arriving to the US and which describes him seeing as though he practices a special type of martial arts which hardened his hands as iron.)

Funny situations arise from the inevitable conflict of interest between Iron Palm and Dong-seok, Ji-ni's new boyfriend. Who will ultimately win her heart and by which means? This movie was pretty funny; the humor was a tad cheesy and oftentimes created by silly situations the characters put themselves in; the acting was also pretty good. Overall, I would recommend this movie to everyone who enjoys a good romantic comedy as this Korean flick (Which also contains a lot of English dialogue.) was highly entertaining!
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Tragic Asian romance story with a good dose of action.
18 April 2002
A classic Asian romance story where the most beautiful love relationships, just as flowers who were on the brink of blooming, can never fully open up and prosper peacefully. Even though I saw the plot twist coming from miles away, I couldn't bring myself to believe it; this movie is very intense and the emotion maelstrom continuously raging throughout the film finally explodes in the end into one of the most powerful moments since books I've read from Hugo. I might still be under the movie's spell, but I really did find the main characters extremely well developed and I really felt for each of them; I recommend this movie to fans of 'true' romantic love stories with some punches and a few gun shots. Movies like these prove to me that the best movies often don't come out of Hollywood.
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A unique look at the lives of people whose job it is to end it.
20 March 2002
This movie is about four professional assassins living under the same roof and their tribulations with some of their clients, targets and run-abouts with the police.

This movie deserves to be seen since it is very well made and conveys a lot of emotion from all of the actors. It'll make you laugh, shed a tear and think. Although it never uses excessive gore or violence, it still has a very real feel to it. I recommend this movie to every action fan who has a sensible cord!
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A complete waste.
18 December 2001
Whatever money, talent and time were invested in this movie was completely wasted. What were they thinking when they wrote this awful script? I'd rather not know. The less I think about it, the better it will be. If you are a fan of the Street Fighter gaming legacy, this movie will have the same effect as a slap to your face. Especially if you paid to see it since the characters used in this real life adaptation of the game are so unconnected to their original background from the game that I found it sickening. Chun Li a reporter? Balrog her camera man?! No, no NO! Even though it might have been difficult to write a decent script to follow SF's original storyline, the final product I saw was just unacceptable. Their casting decisions might be considered mediocre at best as well. Thank God that time where Hollywood had to cast a well-known figure as leading role has somewhat passed. Jean Claude is a sucky Guile if I've ever seen one. It might have been okay if he wanted to go pass Halloween of something... but he just doesn't look like Guile at all.

To be really honest, this movie is mediocre even if you forget the fact it's an outrage to the original Street Fighter's essence. Some good performances on the acting part by Raul Julia. (Also his last film, poor man... to end his career on this type of flick... some say he might have died of shame.)

If you're a fan of SF and just must see every movie ever made about it, this movie will rank very high in your worst movies of all times list. (In fact, it will surely be a reference for bad movies for the rest of your life.) If you're not - although you might enjoy it a tad more, don't waste your time on this movie and rent something else.
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