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awful Power Rangers wannabe, 7 December 2002

One look at the box cover will convince you of the cheapness of this TV flic. The self-proclaimed "Lazer blast of Martial Arts and Sci-Fi, Bruce Lee meets Luke Skywalker"

Don't ever see this dreadful film. Go rent "Plan 9 from Outer Space" or "Robot Monster" instead. Those are more entertaining since they are funny and "Robot Monster" is in 3-D to boot!!!

The Matrix (1999)
Revolutionary, 4 January 2002

Simply one of the best action films of all time. Only Keanu Reeves mars this production. Good acting (besides Reeves), good dialog, good story, good effects, good combat scenes. You must see the DVD or Collector's Edition, which explains the bullet-time photography concept. Bullet-time is now a household phrase and an idea which is mocked in many teen spoof flicks.

Scream (1996)
great fun, 4 January 2002

I was pleased with this film, both because I had fun watching it and I thought it was a quality film in its own right. Now that there have been several rip-offs, we can see that it spawned a new age in the genre and should be considered a classic/cult/must-see film. The second one stunk, but I felt the 3rd boosted it back up. 7 or 8 on 10

Slap Shot (1977)
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funny as hell, 3 January 2002

This film has hockey, Paul Newman, and comedy so I gave it thumbs up. It's hard to believe a woman wrote it, considering the foul language, the violence, and the lesbo talk. This is a real hoot, but sends a bad message for goons and thug hockey.

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Watch the 1964 version instead, 2 January 2002

It's hard to believe this rubbish was nominated for Best Film alongside "Saving Private Ryan". It must have been good politicking because there is nothing to this film. Maybe the book was good, but I won't read it because the film was so disappointing. For a 3-hour war film, there certainly was not any battle scenes that typically make up successful war flicks. There was just artsy-fartsy dream sequences that go on and on and bore you to tears. Nick Nolte stands out however, so see it if you like him. All the other Hollywood names add nothing, and the main character is so bland I didn't care a whit about him. Check out the classic War films such as: "Cromwell", "Zulu", "Waterloo", "Braveheart", "Tora Tora Tora", "Charge of the Light Brigade", etc...

Stargate (1994)
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great fun, 24 December 2001

I love ancient Egyptian stuff in films, so I loved this picture. Mili Avital is quite sexy as Sha'uri, and keep an eye out for Horus (Djimon Hounsou), who is none other than Cinque from 'Amistad'. Too many people hated this film and I don't know why. It has a good pace, suspense, action, good acting, a scary villain, and cool f-x.

Third hit in a row, 24 December 2001

What are the chances of three film/sequels being all high-caliber ? This one has great action, great story, funny heroes, weird thinking games, and gold bullion. Jeremy Irons really chews up the screen.

The cool thing is that the gold building really exists in New York. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York holds 40 % of the world's gold bullion in vaults below street level. They hold 13,000 tons of gold. This film can really happen, just as 'Goldfinger' could happen.

Die Hard 2 (1990)
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just as good as the first, 24 December 2001

Second in the series, this stands out as good as the first film, minus Alan Rickman. Original with great action, and Willis cracking funny jokes against a serious Dennis Franz, you must see the first and third film 'With a Vengeance'. Sheila McCarthy is fine as well.

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great and with baseball !, 24 December 2001

Almost as good as 'Field of Dreams' and with an all-star cast. Keep an eye out for director Sayles as Ring Lardner, and author Studs Terkel as Hugh Fullerton. It's amazing how much the screen Kenesaw Landis looks like the real historical thing.

Die Hard (1988)
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top action film of 1988, 24 December 2001

This film is so good , a new genre was created: the hero playing cat-and-mouse with many villains in close quarters. The hero uses muscle, brain, and guns to bring down the criminals. It spawned sequels, rip-offs such as: 'Air Force One', 'Interceptor', 'Hard Boiled', 'Predator'.

Alan Rickman stands out, you must see his other films.

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