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Tempest (1982)
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Man takes family out of modern rat race to live Greece the old way..., 21 February 2005

I saw this film much like Skywalker02 did, but when I could manage to see it again and with formal film training, psychology, and life has had the time to really take me by the hand and start beating me about,..I really click with the film. I remember the pay for service cable channels played this thing almost to death, much like poltergeist when it first came out, and many other popular films. I felt back then it wasn't worth the fuss and constant "airtime" (I know cable isn't really on air) given it, but I was very young and adult situation drama wouldn't have and shouldn't have worked. However, recent viewing of the film has enlightened me on the film. I think that Susan Surandon and Molly Ringwald were likely studying the script together, and I would be a bit surprised if Surandon had coached Ringwald during this project. Ringwald's other projects, while good, do not have her exhibiting the potential depth as this role. Surandon nailed hers, as Raul Julia did also. Cassavettes and wife delivered acceptable performances, but I will admit at times first class acting turns to mediocre. A steady ebb and flow to the acting does take place during many scenes, but overall I can see why the story might call for the dynamic to become more subtle.

All in all, I don't find this film to be the "take me out and drown me" kind of boredom fest as Skywalker02 would have you believe. I think that perhaps with the right psychological training and a bit more hardship in one's domestic life strategically placed, coupled with some film courses perhaps this film would appear different. I would say if you are feeling a bit melancholy and yearn for a simpler life, and you have had your share of marital discord amongst dysfunctional family units, then perhaps this film might provide more insight and entertainment than you might think. I do feel it is a classic and find it much more entertaining than mainstream films that are supposed to share many of the same elements, such as Terms of Endearment which as far as I am concerned could be stripped of a few extraordinary performances by Jack Nicholson, then ceremoniously burned until nothing is left. (How could a film like that get more attention than this one. Talk about boredom.)Best thing, don't take my word or anyone else's, see the film and support our industry.

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A man fights to save his son whos life depends on an arrogant convict undergoing surgery., 9 February 2002

This is an excellent script, and some good acting. The boom operator should be shot, as it is in 60 percent of the shots. The attention is often turned from a good scene with dramatic punch, to comic because the mic lowers in and out of frame. It makes it look like an elementary school production. Other than that it's a great movie. The Denzel Washington movie John Q seems to be a worked over remake of this movie. I hope John Q has a better person operating the boom mic.

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A sleeper film with a charming and talented cast snubbed by the academy and golden globes in a deserving production, 3 January 2002

I found the premise not only intriging, but the cinematography combined with passionate performances combined with the music make for an entertaining evening. I was so pleased with this film that I went out to buy a copy of the soundtrack to listen to while I went to buy the movie. The leading lady is not only captivating in her role, but resembles Shannon Dougherty facially and gives a Meryl Streep performance. I found the music to be very original and heartfelt although some lip sync was done during production. Robert Englund is wonderful as the Phantom. I found myself wanting to sleep with the lights on. In an alley scene where theives try to rob him, Eric Dessler (The Phantom)cleverly asks what they will trade for his purse. His delivery is strong and clever as a cat which goes well with his final remedy of the situation. We can all guess the theives steal no more.

The end of the film finds an extremely original twist, as Eric is found to be the modern day leader of the group who is putting on the broadway play in New York. Love enduring is made so clear when certain death is avoided again, which in itself is expected but executed with dynamic acting.

Yes, I loved this film and feel those who don't lack the training and intelligence to appreciate the story to begin with...Go buy the movie. You'll be glad you did.