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Black Sheep (2006)
Great for what it is
14 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie with a friend, he liked it more than I did but it was a pretty good movie for what it is suppose to be..I don't understand these people writing putting this movie down. Hello you rented a movie about killer zombie Sheep, Oscar material its not. I found the movie hilarious, fun, non stop action, Gory at times, awesome scene when the group of buyers are hearing Angus Speech..The were sheep was a bit much and the ending unsatisfying but all in all it was a great fun horror flick to watch.. The effects were OK and the I found the acting fine so I don't know why others put them down. You act in a movie about killer sheep and see how you do..In conclusion well worth the time and the watch..
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Evil Aliens (2005)
3 October 2007
I got to say I loved this movie. The Movie starts out slow and I was a bit concern but when it gets going it was a blast.. Get pass the cheesy predator get up and so on, it is a kick ass movie Love the ending, didn't expect that one at all All in all great movie to enjoy, have a few beers and laugh. Gore wasn't to bad either Most of the actors were OK, except for a couple of really bad effects most of them were pretty good.. Loved the stone hedge theme and they pretty much rip off a little bit here and there from other movies Some are obvious some aren't, but it was great fun to watch. Couple of gross moments and I do not mean the gore.. Again all in all I love it
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26 August 2007
Can this movie be so horrifying to the gay community, every gay stereo type is in this movie, sorry but i Know lots of gay couples who have been together for a long time and this is just wrong, I am so appalled by this movie. First his wife dies so he hooks up with his best friend, Hello I only watch to see how worst it could get and it did so I turned it off I like Adam Sandler, not so much the Kings of Queens guy, another horrible relationship Show. Anyway, this movie may have played well in the 70's before stonewall, (im not sure when that was) but man, come on Adam, how would you like a Jewish movie with the same vein, can this movie may be anymore demeaning to gay people. its the 21st century for god sake
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26 August 2007
I saw this movie and I just don't get it, I got the one part, but who the hell was the killer..Did he show up for like a second and we are surprise, the last time they did this in a movie was in some Denzil Washingtom movie, where the killer is nobody and we are like WOW.. Some guy wrote i knew he was the killer when i saw him, Did he know the actor as that made no sense..Well then again, none of this movie did.. Can we say Cell phone, can we say body parts dropping off. HELLO !!!!! Anyway please somebody explain this part of the movie to me.. I got the lindsay lohan part however incredibly dumb that was.. Well at least there was some gore or grossness to it.
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Hostel Two is crap
11 July 2007
I have to admit I didn't like the first one, I have seen way better horror movies with these types of scenarios and Hostel just didn't do it for me except maybe for the end. Well part two is the same exact thing but with girls instead of boys.. Nothing really happens till the end and the climax just wasn't that enthralling, and since I don't want to give it away, they really should have tried to get a better looking one.. The little twist at the end was the only surprise, the rest is by the book. I did laugh and the homage to Madamne Bathory AKA Countess Dracula, and even a little flashdance inside joke.. All in all this was a snore. If you love Gore look for Dario Argento movies.. He knows how its done..
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Finally A scary movie
2 April 2007
I have to say out of the 8 films of horror, this was the best so far.. It was scary, spooky, funny and a plausible plot.. THe movie starts out with a death of a friend, the old pals get together and end up reading what they thought was a poem but turn out to be a spell.. They dance on graves and then it starts.. This movie was well done and well acted.. It had some really scary creepy moments.. THe fires, the haunting etc.. I did not like the ending well the almost ending before the real one as if you are watching the movie the skull was never end the bag.. I love whether it was intentional or not the GHoul Mary Poppins.. I thought I would die from laughter.. All in all this was a very good,scary movie, perfect for a raining night with all the lights off..
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The Hamiltons (2006)
Could have been way better
2 April 2007
Wow, could have been such a good movie,Starts of with Brittany Daniels tied up, Im thinking cool we are going to get a flash back, but nothing, movie starts anew with the kid filming. This movie probably would have been better if it wasn't for the acting. I mean the acting was mostly horrible.. Although with the lines the poor actors had to deal with i guess they did the best they could..Still it really ruin the movie for me.. The twins were the only ones that seem to have some acting skills.. The movie drags to long for the supposed shocking conclusion.. All in all I have seen worse low budget movies but considering this was hype with the 8 films to die for I was very disappointed.. By the way, were did some reviewers say there was gore and stuff. Did I see the same movie.. Well this is 4 out of the eight, and so far only one has been any good..
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Dark Ride (2006)
Dark Ride take you on a ride to 80 slasher pics
2 April 2007
Dark Ride was exactly what it is suppose to be.. A throw back to the 80 horror movie of college age kids being killed and then the surprise twist ending.. It was not the greatest movie but I enjoyed it due to all the memories it brought back, from Funhouse (which it is almost a copy) to the burning, Friday the 13th, sleepaway camp, etc etc.. Acting was OK, and the premise was OK as well, How ever, premise is many years ago, two kids get killed, now years later, the killer escapes and this is when the kids decide to go and look at the ride.. Twist ending later, (its not bad but didn't quite explained how it just ended up that happen at that time, but all in all it was not a bad movie.. Compare to most of the movies of horror filmfest, this was actually one of the better ones..
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Penny Dreadful was just that Dreadful
30 March 2007
Although the movie starts out OK, it slinks to absolute stupidity.. I don't care if I hit someone, I wouldn't be so stupid to put him in the car let alone go to some abandoned park to drop him off.. At first I thought it was a set up by Mimi rogers but it turns into a disappointing cliché horror movie. To much of penny in the car,. After Mimi rogers leaves there was not enough of a plot to sustain the movie and they turn it into your by the book slasher horror movie but in this case there was no rhyme or reason.. Basically did everything he does for no reason and most psycho killers would not have taken the time to do the things he did, especially when everyone else he kills in two seconds yet keeps penny alive when he could have killed her more than once.. Although it certantly is not the worst horror movie i have seen, and I love Mimi Rogers, this could have been better, and I will say Rachel miner did do a good job of acting for the purpose of the film Don't rush to see it.. so far I have seen three of the 8 films of horror and I am 0 for 3 Hopefully the rest will be better
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Unrest (I) (2006)
30 March 2007
This movie sucked big time, I watch horror movies and this was just horrible, bad acting, it made no sense whatsoever and Hello do some history, last I check the Aztecs were not in Brazil they were in central America.. Stay away from this movie I just cant say enough, they throw in this plot of Aztecs but it just did not make any sense, I kept going back thinking I must have missed something but they just don't explained anything.. Also there is no gore whatsoever, the grosses part is the dead bodies and the formadelhyde, people die with no explanation, it was just stupid stupid stupid.. One part the actor has on white underwear then they show him again and he has black underwear and is in a different position.. That basically is how bad and dumb this movie is.. Hopefully the others will be better
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