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Great Movie, 11 March 2002

This is a good film to watching even though it doesnt have the best plot. I'm not a big fan of the whole alien taking over the world thing but this movie managed to entertain me. The biggest attraction and the only reason I picked it up was because of Elijah Wood as Casey. He was the stand out actor of this movie. But even the other characters were good and the movie was cute. My favorite line was of course, 'Guaranteed to jack you up.'

Casey- 'God, you can be such a f..'

Delilah- 'what did you say?'

Casey- 'I said you could be a pretty cool human being when your not being a first class grade A bitch'

Delilah- 'Are you hitting on me?'

Wonderful Movie, 24 February 2002

October Sky was a wonderful and moving story about a boy who lives in a mining town. I won't give away what happens but go see it! I cried my eyes out during a few scenes and loved every moment of it. Jake Gyllenhaal did a great job of playing Homer. 8/10

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Great Movie, 24 February 2002

Jurassic Park is one of Speilburg's classics. Its wonderfully filmed and acted out. The dinosaurs are pretty believable but the actors made it great. I loved Tim (Joseph Mazzello) following Dr. Grant (Sam Neill) and Alexis (Ariana Richards) who prefers to be called a hacker. It had good directing too. Its not too scary, of course I think everything is scary but its a great movie. 7/10

Great Movie, 19 February 2002

Deep Impact was a great movie and very entertaining. I found myself crying my eyes out as the president gave his speech. Elijah Wood is a great (and good looking) actor. And since I'm not too into the whole space/comet theme this movie did a great job of keeping me into it. For a great film, I give it a 8/10.

A Great Holiday Film, 2 February 2002

The Santa Clause is a great holiday film. My favorite character was Bernard, the head elf. Scott/Santa could not get his name right. Tim Allen was the perfect choice for the roll of Santa. The little kid who played Charlie was cute and I loved the elves with, "attitude". Overall its a great family movie. 8/10

Great Show, 26 January 2002

The Simpsons is one of the most clever, funniest shows out there. Its about the life of a family consisting of a lazy, alcoholic father; a hard work, blue-haired mother; a devilish little boy; and a smart young girl. I find it funny how the same people can do so many different voices at once. For such a funny show I give it a 9/10.

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A Classic, 25 January 2002

The Wizard of OZ is one of those timeless classics that no matter when you take it out you are happy to watch it. I love singing along to all the songs. I love the good witches outfit. Its pink, fluffy and absolutely love it. For a great classic I give a 9/10.

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Funny Show!, 15 January 2002

Smart guy is a very funny guy about a ten years old genius T.J. (Tahj Mowry). It is a very funny show and my favorite character is Mo. He is hilarious. I love when Kyla Pratt guest stars as Brandy, T.J.s gangster friend. I give this show a 6.5/10

Alright, but confusing and rushed, 12 January 2002

Young Hearts Unlimited was an alright movie but hard to follow and if you leave the room for two seconds you can't get back into it. First of all it had way to many things happening, that you couldn't grasp them all. First you have two best friends, whose parents dated in high school, but now hate each other. Then the dad of the girl finds out he is going to lose his service station. Then it cuts to something completely different, a dumb blonde, a crook and a old guy. That part I didn't quite understand what was happening. Eventually I figured out that the blonde and the crook (played by Robert Carradine and Lisa Robin Kelly, who were perfect and hilarious in their roles)ran way with the old guys money. Plus the blonde and the old guy are supposed to get married. Then it cuts back to the kids Zach and Mindy who set up a dating service to raise fifty thousand dollars in a month for her dad. Then the blonde and the crook meet up with them and help them out. Then the parents start dating. It all got confusing and after that I can't tell you what happens cause its too confusing. Anyway, in the end the parents are together, the blonde and the old guy are together, and they save the station. Also in the end, Zach grabs Mindy and starts kissing her. I don't know how old the girl was but the kid who played Zach (Andrew Lawrence) was only 9 or 10. He seemed a little young to be doing that. Other than not knowing what was happening, the blonde and crook were hilarious and the kids had some funny moments. I give it a 4/10

Wonderful Movie, 12 January 2002

This is my favorite ballet movie of all time. The story line is good although I don't like how they made it look like every dancer is beautiful and perfect. The best parts were the great dancing, especially the workshop at the end. The scenes were shot well so that you felt like you were on the stage.

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