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Hurricane (1979)
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Modern Day Classic, 7 March 2003

I have also heard negative feedback about this movie. This is one of the greatest examples of romance in any movie I have ever seen. Only unromantic men usually don't like it, movie critics for one. Luckily I don't base watching a movie on what a critic has to say. I could care less about what they think. Hurricane is a beautiful and moving story of the cost of love and what love can do. The special effects are also excellent as far as they go in 1980 or now. See it and then see the original which is also excellent and moving. Beware young lovers !!!

Born to Be Sold (1981) (TV)
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Intense, thought provoking, gripping !!, 5 January 2002

Lynda Carter plays a caring social worker that is suddenly drawn into a horrid reality of underworld mayhem. Babies are bought from troubled teenagers and then are placed into the hands of unstable parents for a fee of $ 30,000. Can you believe it. The sadest part of all is that this has really happened. Watch this one if you might see it on tv again. While Lynda Carter investigates the businessman believed to be responsible, she puts her own life in danger from the band of villians working for him. She is threatened, manipulated and puts her job in jeopardy desperately trying to crack the operation wide open. Of course, the best reason of all to watch this is that the beautiful Lynda Carter stars in it!!!

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Portrait of an incredible woman !, 5 January 2002

Lynda Carter is amoungst the most beautiful women in the world. She has aged as charming and elegant as she always was. I personally do not believe any actress of any era has ever topped her EXOTIC looks. Funny thing though, she has never been vain about herself, part of her charm. There has never been any bad gossip about her in Hollywood like so many other actresses. Watch Lynda Carter's Intimate Portrait on Lifetime tv, and you'll see just what an amazing person she actually is. For some of us she will always be a princess and a true life heroine. Her husband indeed is a very lucky man, and he knows it. See her ups and downs in her acting career, the well publicized BCCI scandel in 1993 involving her innocent husband, and her early days pursuing a singing career and being crowned Miss America. Every fan of this unique actress should see Intimate Portrait of Lynda Carter

Hotline (1982) (TV)
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Excellent, Scary, Brilliant!!!, 4 January 2002

This is perhaps Lynda Carter's scariest movie in her long sucession of thrillers. I bought this on video and it is now considered vintage. I don't believe you can purchase it anymore. I have been in love with Lynda Carter since I first saw her crowned as Miss America back in 1973. I simply watched this one on Halloween night back in 82 because she starred in it. To my surprize, Lynda was finally given a good script. Up until then her she had been given lousy movies to work with. The only consolation to some of her earlier films was that she was always brilliant eye candy and still is even now. If anyone is given the opportunity to see Hotline I suggest you watch this one. It is perhaps the most terriying made for tv movie ever. Too bad Lynda is not really Wonder Woman for this film!!! You'll love the diabolical finale!!!

Tidal Wave (1973)
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Japan Takes The Plunge!!!, 19 December 2001

Once again the beautiful city of Japan is threatened by natural disasters. Lord knows Japan has suffered through a lifetime of loss by tsunamis and earthquakes and volcanos. The special effects are good and the storyline is less than exciting even to a devoted disaster movie fan like me. I would recommend anyone to view it once, that is if it is ever aired again. You will find the movie at least partly entertaining as long as the network does'nt show too many commercials to lose your interest.

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Excitement Galore!!!, 18 December 2001

I am inclined to agree with Spartan, one of the other people who have commented on this movie. Poseidon Adventure is better than Titanic by leaps and bounds. Incredibly, the critics tore this movie apart, saying the plots were tacky and dumb, yet how about the phoney love affair that takes place in the story of the Titanic with actors who can't act their way out of a wet paper bag. Kathy Bates was the only actor in the film with real talent. Amazingly, Titanic won multiple academy awards. Just goes to show what critics know. If you wish to see real acting watch Poseidon Adventure and put on your seatbelt for the ride of your life! This is when hollywood had great actors who afterall could act! This was from what I understand, one of the most complicated movies ever filmed with a great cast that has continued to grab audiences for years. This is perhaps the most engrossing film ever made! I have seen this one at least 10 times and it still keeps me on the edge of my seat!!

Tidal Wave (1973)
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Another Disaster Movie, 18 December 2001

This film is very rarely shown. As one of the biggest fans of the disaster movie genre, I can honestly say that the film is a disappointment. The Japanese version of this film was excellent from what I understand, but the American version that I saw was terrible. Lorne Green was dubbed in for American audiences in 1975 and the movie was retitled Tidal Wave. I believe 1973 is listed on IMD's records. I think you may be incorrect. I have always seen the movie date as 1975 everywhere else. The special effects are worth seeing as some of the acting, but again very disappointing as far as the tidal wave sequences. It is worth watching once if the networks ever air it again. This picture is very rare and almost forgotten.

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A great addition to the disaster genre films!!!, 13 December 2001

Originally shown on ABC'S Operation Primetime in 1980, this rare gem has not been aired again since 1984 on WLVI TV 56 out of Cambridge Boston. Sad that the tv networks air the same old garbage month after month, but do not show the movie classics of the late seventies and early eighties. This movie had an all star cast with Barbara Eden and Dan Haggerty in front. This movie was very entertaining and amusing with adult themes yet clean language, no wonder no network wants to show it! True it is soap opera styled, no different than all other disaster films. Some critics called it cheap and tacky, but fans of the great assortment of stars would truly like to see this one again. The storm sequences alone and the enormous storm surge wave make this both exciting and interesting. I'd personally pay big bucks to have this one on video!!!