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What a mess, 22 March 2015

I watched the trailer and i was compelled to watch this film immediately, the kind of story, and above all the presence of the beautiful Emmanuelle Béart, of witch a'm a fan from back in the 80's.

But i was disappointed from almost the beginning of the movie, the story is a mess, between a confused adolescent, a confused middle-aged-BDSM-woman, a cheating-with-your-best-friend, and all together make this mess, that the director and witter, didn't know how to solve.

Is it so difficult to tell a story ? beginning, middle part and ending, with some king of sense ?

What Stephen Lance (i know it's his first major film) did was just a mesh-up of situations and none of them make a connection, and when you wait for 1h35min for some kind of explanations, BANG !!!!, nothing.

Lovely Emmanuelle Béart, you should of stayed in France, and skipped this film.

The 3 out of 10 is almost all to you.

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Nice Friday-night-movie, 8 March 2015

Based on a true story this is the 21st film by Sweedish director Daniel Alfredson, an unknown to the general public, apart from being involved in the Millennium Movies and TV series, he is still an unknown outside Europe.

Anthony Hopkins is the major star in this film an with some short appearances he grabs the screen, this movie without him it wasn't a movie.

Although the great effort by Jim Sturgess and Sam Worthington, they don't gave enough of what was expected from these kind of actors.

I think the movie could explore more the tension between the kidnappers, and the relation with the kidnapped.

It looked like i was watching a Documentary and recreation of the events.

Tomorrow ill forget this film, 5 out of 10 because its always a pleasure watching the one and only Sir. Anthony Hopkins.

The Interview (2014/II)
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Total wast of time, 25 December 2014

I've just finished my 1h 52min of watching The Interview. I know that "everybody" has to watch it after the Sony scandal, but such a mess for this ????? Give me a break, this film sucks, the argument is so predictable and with nothing new to offer. Bad and reused-a-1000-times jokes, and the actors are on minimal services. James Franco, has nothing new to add to his career with this type of characters, and Seth Rogen.... what is new about this actor ? Randall Park did a good job portraying the cruel Kim Jong-un, as well as Diana Bang as Sook character. Apart from having the opportunity to see the beautiful Lizzy Caplan, there is nothing else good about this film. P.S. loved the Ellen DeGeneres joke and the lovely dog. 4 out of 10 is the most i can give it.

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What a disappointment, 3 August 2013

Mr Paul Schrader

Your a decent filmmaker with titles to your credits like Hardcore 8/10, American Gigolo 6/10, Cat People 9/10 and Mishima 6/10 (these are my scores) to name a few, and now there is The Canyons .... what a disappointment.

Lindsay Lohan ??? is she even an actress or someone with a so/so face a some b**bs ?

James Deen 1013 films to his credit !!! that's impressive, but in ALL of them the thing he uses best is his lower head ....

Mr Schrader, did you saw the casting before shooting ? They don't act, at some parts they look like they are reading the lines.

And what happened to the camera ? it shakes all the time, is that a new trend, low budget or just bad professionals ?

The only thing i liked was the soundtrack, really well chosen and right for what was happening on the screen.

I like the writing of Bret Easton Ellis, but this story was kind of a mess.

Mr. Schrader, i hope to see a good movie from you, the next time.

Passion (2012)
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Open letter to Mr. Brian De Palma, 25 June 2013

Open letter to Mr. Brian De Palma

Hello De Palma, i love you so much, from your early movies till 2 hours ago. This is a BAD movie, from what you used to make. BAD acting ( Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace are excellent actresses) BAD artistic direction a PREDICTABLE argument. I'm so mad at you, i was hoping that you, with age, got better, but only the last 20 min of a 96min film !!! What happened to your Passion for real screams, and real fear, and most of all believability in a movie ? Where is the director of Phantom of the Paradise ? with such beautiful shots and magical music ? Where is the director of Obsession, Carrie, The Fury and Dressed to Kill (for me your 4 best in the genre) with such memorable moments that made me chill, and grab my seat in amusement ? Where is the director of Body Double with such a good use of spinning around a scene, so it would engulf us in the moment ? You came back in Femme Fatale to this genre and made a good film, with a excellent script and excellent actors, but this ? You know how it's done, you just have to sit down and re-watch some Hitch movies, and re-watch some of the above, and choose a good crew and script. Sorry, but i'm so mad right now. I hope to love your work again

PS. I only mentioned movies on the category of Crime | Drama | Mystery


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Much worse than Twilight, 20 November 2009

Hi Saw it last night and what a disappointment !!!

Its a 130min gushy of a troubled Bella who swings between Edward an Jacob, looking for the who she loves more. It's all about Looonnnggg closeups of Bella and Edward kissing, or attempting to do so, an on the other side, there is the Looonnnggg fixation of Jacob for Bella and their Looonnnggg staring and trying to kiss each other.

The hole story should fit in a 90min feature, and not more.

Much worse than Twilight.

Its only for the fans, don't waste your money if your not.

Final word, this film is so boring.


And lets see what they are making for the third part !!!