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Restructured my list, took off several movies.
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I realize I'm leaving about half of them off my list, but I've only seen a handful of old Doctor Who serials and these are the Doctors I've seen in the old serials I've watched. Once I watch more Old Doctor Who episodes, I'll update my list.
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These are actors that I think would make a good 12th Doctor. (I did include a couple of black actors and an actress or two. That's not saying I necessarily think they need to change The Doctor, I'm just saying these are actors I think could pull off The Doctor despite race or gender.)

(I'll update the list as I come up with more actors.)
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Superheroes I order.
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Since I am a huge Batman fan, I thought I'd make a list of which I prefer.
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Anything based on a comic book that I liked is included in this list and it is in order. I also included one or two that weren't, but had superheroes in them. I left off MOST DTV superhero movies. The one I included is good enough to go on the list.
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In alphabetical order.
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They're all good, though.
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Noted in the comment section as to which version I own.
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From TV, video games, and movies. (In no particular order.)

Note: I realize I have comic book villains on here, but I'm specifically talking about their movie/TV counterparts.

Edit: I recently added video game villains simply because I had video game characters in my heroes list.
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In order of my anticipation. (Made and unedited on 2/28/12.) I'm not removing anything after I've seen them. Any that came out before the list are ones I haven't seen, but plan to.

Anything added afterwards will be noted as such.
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If it's not on the list, I've either never seen it or I don't remember seeing it. I'm also not including DTV sequels, though I did like Return of Jafar and King of Thieves.
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Some are from comics or books, but since this is IMDB, I am referring to their TV/movie/video game counterpart.
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In no particular order.
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In no particular order. These are mostly just people who directed my favorite movies.
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These are the movies that either did a good job capturing the spirit of the book or managed to follow the book pretty well. Some of these are even better than what they were adapted from.

I cut out the ones based on a comic series because otherwise there would be WAY too many superhero movies on this list, but if it's based on a particular comic book story or graphic novel, I included it. These are in no particular order.
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In Chronological order. Any of the ones in the 80s were ones I actually watched into the 90s, so I included them.
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I'm not saying these movies are bad, I just don't like them, but everyone else seems to.

These are not in any particular order.