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Good hearted fun, 21 November 2011

I find Life's Too short to be a funny and quirky mockumentary following Warwick around showing us his (not so) glamorous life as an agent for other little people. It seems to me that many English viewers are a bit biased about Gervais, but if you like his other series you'll like this.

Much of the fun revolves around Ricky's office and there's cameos as usual, including Liam Neeson, Carrel, Depp and more. I've watched the episodes a few times to really take them in, and I'd say it grows on me too. Warwick's parody of himself and the comedy Gervais and Merchant add makes him likable and funny. Most of the fun is based on the fact that he's trying hard to present his business and himself as a little person as more glamorous then it is, but then it's apparent to viewers that it's not. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, that's what the comedy is about here.

I think other reviewers show they don't pay attention when they say it's cheap or lazy comedy, and criticize Warwick falling off his heightening phone books and out of the car, it comes right after he narrates that he wants to show viewers that he's a classy guy, and that's just funny. Simple, but funny.

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Too far fetched, 20 November 2011

A friend recommended this movie to me and since we both like the thriller genre I decided to give it a go.

The movie is a bit like a mix of the B-movie Turbulence (which are so bad that they amuse me), Unbreakable and Saw, and the games Manhunt. The plot is about 4 people that win a competition where the prize is a trip to New York. When they get on the plane all hell breaks loose.

Without spoiling anything I can say that there's a game they must play, and the game is made up of what they've done on a social network. The social network is facebook but they've obviously renamed it.

The whole plot is far fetched but in a setting where it shouldn't be, the characters are unrealistic and the acting isn't that great in my opinion. I found myself not caring much about what the reason is for whatever happens because the characters weren't believable. Some of it is so stupid that I wish I could tell you without spoiling. I don't recommend it, watch a better movie.

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Amazing movie that spoofs the whole idea behind American movies, 14 February 2002

This is a great movie, and it's never boring. It always pulls you in a new direction, it's much like a collection of great jokes played very well.

You meet Ashtray that has to live with his dad, which is younger than him. He wants to get out of the hood, but it doesn't turn out to be easy after he sleeps with Dashiki which isn't the hardest woman in the hood to get into bed. Or as Ashtray's cousin Loc Dog put's it. You can take Dashiki out of the hood, but you can never take the hood out of Dashiki :) A great movie, go and get it. It's full of jokes that gives you one impression, then turns around completely, HILARIOUS!!!