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Gritty great police drama that you cannot stop watching !, 20 September 2013

I absolutely loved this drama . I was so disappointed it was canceled The characters were so real. It was gritty in your face drama you never knew what to expect. I watched from the beginning I will certainly miss it one the highlights of weekly viewing. So much garbage on today ! I guess the network's decision is final. The ensemble cast was excellent each actor so talented and convincing. I would have liked an ending that would have wrapped up all the story lines. Maybe they could do a TV movie later. It was the best police drama I have seen on TV. I guess it was too raw for prime time that is why NBC got rid of it. Thank goodness for cable alternatives or there would be so many shows that would not air. Just wish the network would reconsider and bring it back ! Actors have probably moved on to other projects.

infidelity and betrayal shatter the most important day of a young couples life, 15 March 2012

Excellent performances by the main characters in this lovely short film make it worth watching.

The detective gives a gritty portrayal as the narrator.

The groom and best friend are convincing in their roles as friends torn apart by lies and deceit.

The bride is especially good as she conveys everything with her face and body language in the absence of dialog.

The story is gripping and you cannot wait for the next scene to unfold.

The city of Savannah adds to the visual richness 0f the film.

It all builds to a surprising ending that leaves everyone stunned.

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ABC lays off cast and crew !!!, 23 June 2008

Just wanted fans of Dirty, Sexy Money to know that while so many of us have been waiting for the new shows to air, ABC suits have been unhappy with writers and have laid off the cast and crew. Some new episodes were filmed but if and when we will see them who knows. It is not like they have so many great shows on. I am so disappointed I was really looking forward to a new season. There were so many hints that many juicy secrets were yet to come. If the cast and crew get offers for new jobs it will be impossible for them to get them all back together. I guess they want to kill the show. Fans need to rally behind the show and get ABC to bring everyone back. The show must go on!!!