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Louise Brooks setting the standard for great film acting, 27 June 2007

Pabst's controversial decision to hire the American actress to star in this German classic was an inspired one, and the rest is cinematic history. This is a must-see for anyone seriously interested in film and/or acting, for Louise Brooks offers a masterclass lesson in subtle conveyance of thought and intention. The themes of this film are extraordinary, with prostitution, lesbianism, the hint of father/daughter incest, and finally sexual murder all presented in a frank and non judgmental way. As a precursor to a Germany that would soon be taken over by the rigidity and censorship of the Third Reich, this is a fascinating snapshot into just how liberal and permissive the Weimar republic was, and what Hitler used as examples of moral decadence. I also highly recommend Louise Brooks' book, "Lulu in Hollywood" which is a very well written and honest account of her own career and the industry in which she triumphed and then chose to leave.

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A major leap forward for Australian film, 9 April 2007

Thank God somebody has made a film here that deals with something other than drug-ravaged Westie kids or face-pulling outback clowns. This is a lovely, intelligent, and thought-provoking examination of dreams big and small, and the dignity of aspirations, no matter what they might be. Brenda Blethyn and her ex husband Frankie J Holden are both wonderful in depicting the bittersweet lives of the never-quite-made-it entertainers. Their lives consist of fading theatre posters and anecdotes of past triumphs, as they now lead lives of unimaginable drudgery, she working in a canteen, and he as a security guard in a K Mart. That's the setup. Emma Booth appears, a life force of sexual energy and optimism, which fascinates their son and turns all their lives upside down. Without telling any more about the actual story, suffice it to say this is a film that works on every level. Emma Booth is a great new talent--at times beautiful and drop dead sexy, at other times as plain and unremarkable as any checkout chick--in other words, like a real girl from that background. Highly recommended.

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A unique, fascinating picaresque journey, 28 March 2007

This film is a major leap forward from recent Aussie films, thankfully getting away from drug-raddled Western suburbs teenagers and quirky comedy clowns. The film-makers are willing to take on a big subject, a major global theme, that of displaced people and the extraordinary acts of quiet courage that so-called "boat people" are often required to perform simply to survive. It is very well directed, skillfully guiding an almost entirely unknown and inexperienced cast by not relying on too many long, challenging acting scenes but flick-passing from one story to the next in a way where the limited acting skills of the cast are best served. This is not a perfect film, it is too long at some points, and once in a while commits the cardinal sin of letting the audience get ahead of the film in knowing full well what will happen next. Another careful and unemotional edit, trimming eight to ten minutes of splashing in billabongs, tinkering with utes and trudging through scrub could only help. But these are minor quibbles in a film that achieves so much, that aims high and gets there. This and "Clubland" are without doubt the best two films so far in2007.