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24 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Kind of different. Not your USUAL slasher movie, which I have outgrown. But, different...interesting. I don't get into the slasher types like I used to. This movie is a cross between Nightmare on Elm Street, Cabin Fever, and Friday the 13th. Not the typical teen slasher, but more like college age. One by one they notice friends that were just with being "in" the killer's movie. The killer is making his own movie. He kills them, yet they are not dead. Very cool ending, cool but frustrating. You want them to live. Well, most of the them. Will they believe the survivor? I won't tell you who that is. All in all, I give it a C. Not great, not horrible. Too much gore, may be closer to a "B" movie.
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A Mother's Gift (1995 TV Movie)
Great Movie!
5 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Nancy McKeon is wonderful. I just LOVED this movie. It is a great movie for anyone that enjoys pioneer films. I am looking to see if it is on DVD. You will need a box of tissues. The costumes are top notch. The scenery is beautiful. I recommend this movie for persons over 12. There area few scenes that more than hint adultery. As a parent, that would be their call. It is a very, very good movie. I have not read the book. In the story she finds love, loses love while someone is trying to win her love while married. She gives birth almost alone. Her husband is away. The tissues are for the end. I could watch this movie many more times and I don't say that about too many films!
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