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Emotionally Profound & Simply Amazing, 1 July 2009

I'm not usually one to comment on TV shows or even movies for that matter, but after having watched this episode I was left in complete awe. The episode deals with, in part, an expose of Tommy Gavin's soul and it is done in such a beautiful way that when the closing credits rolled, I think I'll be depressed for a few days. At the very least I'm not going to be watching another tragedy-style anything for a few weeks.

Perfect is not a word I throw around much, but this episode was exactly that. The only reason I gave this a 9 instead of the full 10 is because of the scenes dealing with the supporting cast. Don't get me wrong, those scenes are good, but the real meat here are the scenes featuring Tommy Gavin. The supporting cast scenes are interwoven within the Tommy Gavin scenes so they tend to take away some of the emotional effect of Tommy's scenes. Although in retrospect, if I had to watch all the scenes about Tommy back-to-back without the other scenes to serve as small intermissions, I doubt I would be able to handle the emotional consequences.

Watch this show. If for nothing else, but to understand the full background for this episode. Amazing.

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Destiny through chaos., 19 July 2008

When I first came across this movie, I was expecting some a sort of personal epiphany that drives the main character to some higher state of being. Essentially a rise-to-nirvana style film. Instead I found something much more appealing and deeply human in this film. There's no bad guy, just a family and a friend who's lives are marked with ups and downs.

Without giving anything away, the movie is about love, but not in finding or keeping it. What starts as a misunderstanding between husband and wife develops quickly into a very intense situation. On a deeper level, the plot raises questions about how simply fate (order) and chance (chaos) bring together and break apart two people. Even further, in the long-run, which force wins out? destiny or circumstance?

This movie is a very pleasant departure from Hollywood and something well worth checking into.


Vexille (2007)
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A finely crafted and stunning masterpiece, 19 July 2008

When I first came across this movie online I checked out the plot synopsis on here and decided to give it a look. I was expecting lots of fighting in the future style sci-fi, but instead found this to be an incredible and profound film which has yet to leave my mind.

First off, the special effects are amazing. There were many scenes throughout this film that blew me away. The camera angles, choreography, and the atypical soundtrack were all done and chosen impeccably. There is a particular action sequence in this film which had me riveted to my seat and completely engrossed to my screen.

A lot of people have said that the dialogue is pretty dry (they're right), but I found that the depth of this story is almost completely revealed through the images on the screen than through the narration. As a result, the limited dialogue allows you to insert many of your own emotions into the film making it a very unique and personal experience.

Overall, the film is an enthralling story of survival and salvation in a very bleak and downright frightening future. I guarantee this movie will be on your mind after your done with it and many of you will probably end up revisiting it.

A must see. 8/10.