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Iron Man (2008)
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better than xmen and spiderman, 4 May 2008

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So the story starts out, man captured, man tortured, man build suit of armor to kill terrorists, then man raise hell and kill bad guys in the u.s. But the premise is so much more, its multi-layered fun and what Hollywood has been waiting for. Partly everyone wanted to see a comeback from Robert Downey Jr. and we got it, he is perfect in this role, funny, the movie would of sucked if it was anybody else ex:tom cruise. the action in this movie is amazing cgi and an estimated 180 million dollar budget definitely was put to good use. Rarely in superhero movies we get this much comedy and rarely is it that the superhero was part of an evil corporation and changes has views and defends the good. Jeff bridges: where the heck has he been, his portrayal as the main villain in this movie is well catered, no big lebowski though. Gwenyth paltrow gave an excellent performance, one of her best in my view. Terrence Howard: good job. I think this is better than xmen and spiderman because this wasn't as well known as those comics, but it packed a punch, if portrayed well this could be one of the best superhero movies ever and it is. Go see this movie and make sure you stay after the credits for a little tease.

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a perfect post apocalyptic movie, 15 December 2007

i found this movie to be different than what i expected, i expected another blockbuster full of unemotional corny actors that didn't make the plot any better than it was, but i was wrong. This movie was an emotional thrill ride of epic proportions. The movie follow one man's fight for survival after a virus wipes out all of the world. The setting for this movie is in new-york city. RObert Neville is a scientist that is immune to the disease and he lives off of natural sources in new york, he discovers that the people who were infected are still alive but are flesh eating mutants who can only go out in the nighttime. I give this movie a 9 out of 10 because it was a near perfect movie with a train full of powerful performances from will smith.


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if you turn of your mind and enjoy the raunchy comedy, you will have fun, 2 December 2007

this movie overall was a giant raunchfest but it felt to me like it had at least a little bit of heart. this story follows Charlie Logan, a dentist and his partner in crime Stu,a plastic surgeon. This story follows how Charlie had been hexxed by one of his acquaintances in Junior high, the hexx was that Charlie will never be happy and that if he has sex with somebody, that person will find their one and only right after that. Charlie finds his one and only but he is afraid of losing her because of his hexx. this story was very explicit but it had a happy ending, and it did what a comedy should do, make you laugh. if you turn of your mind and sit and enjoy, you will enjoy this movie.i rate this a 7 out of 10 because even know it wasn't meant to be this big landmark in cinematic achievement, it made me do what i like to do, sit down and ENJOY a movie.


Hitman (2007/I)
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a well done video game adaptation but a little scatterbrained, 25 November 2007

hit man was a movie that was meant to be bloody violent and most of all fun, which it did. This movie followed agent 47 on his escapades through various places like Moscow to fulfill missions ordered by a divine brotherhood he belongs to. The movie did exactly what is was meant for but i felt it was a little scatterbrained. The action in this movie was usual shoot em up kind of thing but it had a cult movie feel throughout it. this movie was a bit like the Bourne trilogy in the sense of going to various places on the main character's violent escapades. all in all i give it an 8 out of 10 based on the fact that i am a fan of the game series and the account that Hollywood finally made a decent video game adaptation to the big screen. if you like violence to the full extent and do care about a plot but don't mind if it is a little scatterbrained then this is your movie.