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Se7en (1995)
"The World is a fine place..and worth fighting for.. I agree with the second part", 1 May 2009

The general plot if you were asked to explain the film in a few seconds would be something along the lines of Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are two cops on the trail of a serial killer.

At first this sounds uninteresting to film lovers who wish for something other than a basic Mel Gibson and Danny Glover romp , which from the films brief plot explanation i previously wrote could fool some into thinking that is exactly what they will receive. However, this film is as far from an uninteresting romp as can be.

I am willing to bet that there is no one who can walk away from this film and have it not stay with them for a life time. Not only is it shocking and almost hypnotic in its gripping direction, it will also make the viewer question the world and how society really works within it.

Morgan Freeman plays an old Policeman who has seen far to much of the darkness in the world, so much so, that he is starting to believe that darkness is all that remains in it. This draws him to a decision to retire and leave police work behind, bringing along his replacement Detective Brad Pitt. They do not immediately get along (but don't worry he doesn't jump off a roof with a suicide jumper to gain respect from his ageing partner) but due to their joint discovery of a body, they are forced into each others company.

They soon come to the conclusion that a serial killer is on the loose, and find that for one thing, they share enthusiasm for the job if nothing else. Freeman's character is fascinated with the Killer, and his ideas and beliefs realising that the conclusion the killer has come to in his study of the world is similar to his own, but dealt with in different ways. Pitt shares no compassion for the killer who is later discovered to be played by Kevin Spacey in a scene which is very member able to say the least.

The killings are sick and shocking and create a certain amount of unease while watching. You will dismiss the that no human being in their right mind could do such a thing, and anyone to commit such acts would be insane, but i guarantee by the end of the film you will question this.

If you want something interesting as well as fresh to fill your mind from the world of film i recommend you try this.

This film proves that David Fincher films are often fantastic, but only once sat through to the very end. I do feel with Mr Fincher that the raw substance that each of his films provide is untasted until a good hour into his films.

This is really a thought provoking, and a fantastic and yet horrifying masterpiece, but misses out on it's final two stars due to the general lazing about of the first hour.

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Jason Durr made this. What a brilliant performance, 5 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I must say, that Above Suspicion was very good and very entertaining.

It was reasonably disturbing, frightening, humorous, dramatic and gripping all at the same time. I have not read the books, so my opinion of this adaption may be false, yet i see no strong fault in this TV drama at all! I was a little confused by how the main character Travis was portrayed, as for the woman who is supposed to be the star of the show, it wasn't shown particularly well, neither by the writers or the actress.

In fact, the star of the show was Jason Durr with his complex rising actor abused by his mother and the prostitutes that occupied the brothel she ran when he was a child. Even before the interview sequence where the horrid maniac that his character turns out to be is revealed he is still the most watchable actor in the entire show.

Trually a talented man on a very good drama.



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Excellent. Really is..., 30 November 2008

Maybe i'm biased as this is my favourite Bond film.. but i truly believe this Film is a terrific move forward from the previous poor quality Moore films that had began to ruin the franchise.

Dalton is different. He is neither Moore, Connery, or Lazanby, he is his own. He is Ian Flemmings Bond, the one described in the books. He is a unique Bond and in some peoples eyes the best...yet unfortunately Dalton suffers with being forgotten due to the fact he made only 2 movies. However, i think with a bit more recognition he would have been renowned as one of the best if not the best Bond.

The Living Daylights is a brilliant move on and the start of a new era...despite a bad Moneypenny..and more changes that could have been made to the franchise to secure it being different to Moore's e.g continuing with the same M, and having the same director.. it still is a very good new start for the franchise.

The soundtrack is excellent, and has some brilliant scenes. The plane quite brilliant and the rooftop chase gives the viewer goosebumps.

The Living Daylights is a fitting tribute to Bond and just generally a joy to watch..i recommend that if you are to have any Bond DVD in your collection this should be as equally included as any other Bond.


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Good. But missing the original magic..., 30 November 2008

Quantum of Solace is a good film...and if it wasn't linked to the famous franchise i'm sure it would be hailed by many...except it's downfall is the fact it is supposed to be a James Bond film.

Don't get me wrong, i think the cheesy attitude of Moore has no place in todays franchise, yet we do need a bit more Bond. The producers have set up the story in two parts...and they have been brilliant instalments. Yet, i hate to say it...but humour and gadgets need to come back. At first look at Casino Royale i was was a little less like a Bond film but many people loved it because of that... and now the sequel comes around i'm afraid we're starting to miss the banter with Q, and constant flirtation with Moneypenny..

"Bond. James Bond" "Shaken not stirred."

I think it's time they come back..

The plot was reasonable.. and the film was done very well... with strong performance's.. and the right level of emotion..but whose to say we can't throw a bit of Humour and cheek in as well..

I think Craig has the potential to make the best Bond film..they just have to level Casino Royale.. with Goldfinger... Bring back Q, Moneypenny, Gadgets, humour, but keep the seriousness of the plot and story which makes Quantum such a good film.

Bond is certainly back...but i think the third instalment for Craig could be the decider whether the Fourth will be worth bothering.


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Brilliant comeback!, 21 August 2007

As soon as the credits rolled on Saturday night you could feel it in the air that the doctor was most definitely back!

Watching those iconic moments where Christopher Eccelston met Billie Piper was the beginning of a huge long adventure.

With this new series it brings with it substences in which the previous version of the show lacked. For instence, the emotion between the Doctor and his companion which they seemed to dismiss in the old series, as well as the doctor actually falling in love with a companion and receiving her love in return. Yet as we know, the doctor shall forever remain lonely as the end of Season 2 proved, he could not stay with a companion forever. Watching those moments, your eyes filling with tears as the doctor says his final farewell to the only companion he has ever loved, were moments beautifully written and acted.

This show however proved it can live on as the doctor meets many other companions along his lonely yet exciting journey through his never ending life.

Openeing new doors and secrets every episode it's a sure show for the family to enjoy...

As Christopher Eccelston once described the show... "The journey of a lifetime."

"24" (2001)
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Fantastic TV, 16 May 2007

24, What can i say? A breakthrough in TV history, one of the greatest show's to reach our screen in a long time. With amazing plot lines that changed constantly, you can never trust a character no matter what, and you can never grow to love a character as tradition within 24 has it, everyone dies in the end.

Season One was fantastic followed by another amazing season, then the show shook with a rockety season 3. However producers reinvented 24 with its forth season followed by another brilliant season, but the curse of the third season struck once more, season 6. It started well, but towards the end it made you feel, they've done this before, and you would find yourself thinking, what actually happened ? Producers promise Season 7 and 8 to be a new re-invention, with a totally new cast, lets hope it survives...