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finally - one worth the midnight showing, 30 June 2010

Let me first start off by saying I was brought into this by my 11 year old daughter. The only problem I have with these movies is it is so difficult to bring the intensity of the books to the big screen. That being said, finally Eclipse manages to get something right. This was by far the best one yet. I was very impressed with Robert Pattinson's acting in this one - he seemed to have more substance (as Edward) in this movie. He was finally able to portray some different emotions, instead of his usual brooding all the time. He actually smiled and had a sense of humor!! Kristin Stewart did a fantastic job of showing the transformation of Bella from an unsure, scared little girl to the beautiful self-confident women she has become now that she is sure of herself. Love, love, love Billy Burke - he's just great! The only complaint I have is I wish more time would have been spent on Jasper's back story....would have liked to see more of him in his confederate uniform!!!!

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awful....just plain awful, 20 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I cut them some slack with Twilight, but not with this one. To say the book was butchered is an understatement. I was fully prepared to take a long, depressing ride with Bella into the depths of h**l, but instead took a trip down comedy lane. What was the point of all those ridiculous one-liners? And Ashley (Alice) - she was terrible. She was so much better in Twilight - at least she showed some character, but here it was like watching paint dry when she spoke. And as for the spoiler note, the only scene that gave me any enjoyment was the confrontation between Bella and Paul. It was just as "electric" as I pictured it in the book. Folks listen, don't waste the money. Wait for the DVD, or even better, just wait for Netflix....