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Guns of Paradise (1988–1990)
Terrific chemistry
12 June 2007
Paradise was a lovely show. I have never been so hooked on any TV show before or since. The main reason and vital ingredient was the terrific chemistry between the two leads.

The children's acting was also of a high standard. I never realised that they had decided to make 13 more episodes entitled "Guns of Paradise" though. Seems to me the producers/directors made a big mistake in moving away from the relationship of Ethan and Amelia as although it was in the background most episodes, I think it was probably the main thing that kept people watching especially my mum and me!

They should have made "Dust on the Wind" the final episode (we assumed Ethan and Amelia would get married as her divorce had come through)as after that there really wasn't anything else to write about without the show becoming repetitive and a bit silly!
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