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The Cosby Show (1984–1992)
One of the most positive depictions of black families in the media...ever.
4 March 2004
Not only was the Cosby show teaching lessons to out of control children, it also gave parents some insight on how they can deal with their own families. Cliff and Claire had chemestry and seemed determined to work together to raise

their children. The kids were funny because they did stupid things like piercing their ear, or lying about where they were all night. The all time funniest speech in Cosby show history is when Bill tried to explain to Vanessa the relationship between the youngest child, Rudy, and her goldfish, Lamont. But I digress, Bill Cosby did for blacks in television what Rosa Parks did for blacks on a bus. And that is my word because it's that deep.
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The Best Man (1999)
What a waste of BEAUTIFUL black people....
7 April 2002
Here is a film that read like a High School soap opera. I felt myself constantly exclaiming "you're kidding me!" Everything was forced. Even the characters' names seemed to be orchastrated so deliberately that I expected the next few character names to be Scout, Champ, Sport, and Regan. Luckily the film ended before that could happen. You would think that the writer of the script got a cramp in his arm and had to stop before he could resolve the plot. The plot: A critically aclaimed author leaves his girlfriend at home to attend his football star buddies wedding to a woman whom with the author is secretly in love with. The aforementioned novel, however, is a chronical of an afair had betweent the author and the football players current innocent fiancee. The entire film is spent on the characters running around trying to figure who does and does not know the actual connotation of "the book". Let me get this straight: a football player and his buddy beat one another crapless, wrestle, and argue with each other for the effection and honor of a sweet innocent woman when both men previously mentioned are whores. Wait, let me get this straight: the author leaves his girlfriend, tries to hook up with an old friend, maintains a strong love for the fiancee, and proposes to his girlfriend at the films end. There really needs to be a sequal to show how al lof these people are in rehab or on Jerry Springer or maybe seeing some type of counselor. I know I'm seeking professional help after the viewing of this film. Watch it. I shouldn't have to suffer alone.
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Generations (1989–1991)
And I seem to be the only one who remembers it.
5 April 2002
Generations was a soap that featured primarily african americans and sported interacial relationships. it was cancelled in 22 months. i LOVED generations!. the theme song was awesome and the intro was touching with the montage of struggles overcome by african americans such as vietnam and civil rights. whew! 22 month and abc let it get away. i think it was abc. that is a station so notorious for sticking with bad shows till they can't stand it or getting rid of potention ones way too early. we can't watch generations for two years but we can sit thru Drew Carey forever. common abc! anyway...generation was awesome and culturally diverse and smart and sexy and richard roundtree was a doctor on it. the end.
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Undertow (1996 TV Movie)
11 March 2002
But i would watch it again. That doesn't make any bit of sense does it. This film honestly does begin interesting. It ends in way crazy confusion in an unbelievable sequence of events. Things happen in this film that aren't properly explained. Is willie in LOVE with her husband. Does this scraggly mountain mad really not know that Lou Diamond is hip dipping with his wife? What begins as a thrilling story with a love triangle to accent, becomes a stupid peice of crap movie.
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Grease 2 (1982)
Its still the word, but I don't wanna say it anymore
6 January 2002
This crap sandwich lacked some important elements. A leading man that could sing. Common. Travolta was cool because there wasn't anything he couldn't do. He sang, danced, and acted. The story wasn't so bad it was just that the songs and the singers were horrible...and this was a musical.
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