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Saw this on DVD at my friends, 20 June 2008

and was blown away. The first 15 minutes are slow and the acting a little bad, but after that -- Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a Western done for this little money -- I'm guessing someone in Hollywood is going to see the director and immediately put him to work on Crank 3 or something. The look of the film is daring, audacious, and totally makes the movie. The acting -- well let's say it's an homage to the Spaghetti Westerns of the 60's! Which is good.

There is one other low budget flick I can compare this too -- PARIAH. This film is just as ballsy, and I am impressed by both. Also PI! I don't want to give away the plot too much as it's not out yet -- my friend is a critic -- can't say for whom and he was reviewing it when we watched....

I've heard rumors it will be in theaters -- if it is -- you've got to check it out -- I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Otherwise buy it on DVD - this film reminds me of two of my favorites -- BOONDOCK SAINTS and SIX STRING SAMURAI -- for those of you who don't know Six String -- rent it now! Okay I'm not going to gush anymore, but I enjoyed it a lot.

My two cents.

Gang Land (1998)
I feel Compelled, 20 June 2008

to write about this film. Not because I am a skinhead wanting to bash the politics or because I want to hail it as anti-skinhead.

Because I think as an Action Drama -- it's quite good. Now here is my history -- I am a big fan of the following films: The Crow, Unforgiven, Pulp Fiction, Bad News Bears (original)and Blade Runner) so I am more pre-disposed toward edgy films that push the envelope. I have seen Romper Stomper -- fan, American History X -- so-so although Ed Norton was quite good, The Believer -- not bad, Bad Lieutenant -- not a fan, Crash (James Spader version -- loved it), South Park -- loved it, PI -- quite inventive, etc....

On purely technical terms -- i actually listened to the director's commentary -- based on budget this film is a minor miracle. I don't know of another film for under $100,000 that comes close to matching the audaciousness of this film -- there are gun battles, street fights, a fight with 50+ people, carjackings, etc... Right in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard! The only other low budget film that comes close is Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane.

Acting -- I actually think most of it is pretty good. I grew up around the punk scene and skinheads -- I'm not bashing anybody, but the skins I've known are not the most subtle people in public. I do think some actors are better than others. Really think Dave Ward, Angela Jones and Aimee Chaffin are excellent. Music -- awesome. Great Soundtrack. Really, really great. Camera-work -- In some stretches it's brilliant, some parts -- okay. A little uneven, but daring. Sets, Sound, basics -- overall pretty good -- it's not a film shot in one location which is more impressive...

I think if people on the site take out their emotions on whether or not they are a skinhead -- and actually judge the film itself compared against Clerks, Pi, El Mariachi, Blood, Guts, Bad Lieutenant, Kids, Brothers McMullen, etc. (okay I'm running out of really low budget films to reference) -- this film stacks up pretty darn well. If you compare it to American History X (9 million) -- no it's not that glossy, but it has better action.

Overall -- I think it's a solid effort and that if this director was given a film like Smokin' Aces, Shoot 'Em Up, Crank, etc... people would be hailing him as a great action director. Is he the next Scorcese -- doubtful. Is he Ed Wood or Uwe Boll -- hardly.

My long winded two cents.

funny film, 14 June 2007

Funny film from the writer of Letterman and other cool shows. What happened? Why is this gem not seeing the light of day?? Mark Boone Jr is funny and the film is wry and sweet. Story is about a small town football hero who is about to have his record broken and he becomes despondent. Meanwhile his son is a band geek and gay, his wife is cheating on him with his jerk of a brother and the local priest wants to save him....all the right fixings for a funny cocktail. Plus his two best friends are like the barflys on Cheers. If you get a chance try to see this film before it becomes like the Oklahoma dust bowl... and disappears.