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Masterfully Crafted, 29 April 2011

I honestly don't know how critics could award this film less than 3 and 1/2 stars, if not 4. Every aspect of it was made with such beauty and skill that it's incredible. The score, the cinematography, the performances by the three leads were all perfect. If you want a movie to take you on an emotional roller coaster, if you want to walk out of the theater feeling exhilarated, and if you want to see how film can truly be art, then this is the movie for you.

I almost never get on IMDb, and I've certainly never written a review for them before. Thats how much I loved this movie. Christoph Waltz, my hat goes off to you sir for a stunning performance. When an actor can convince me, someone who has read the book and knows how dark this character is, that he is not all that bad... I would say that he most certainly did his job as a performer and more. I would liken his performance to Ralph Fiennes' portrayal of Amon Goeth in Schindler's List- yes it's that good. The ever changing emotions and how his eyes go from warm and inviting one minute to cold and cruel the next is downright fascinating.

Robert Pattinson blindsided me as well. Water for Elephants is one of my favorite books, and I was more than disappointed when it was announced that he would be playing the title role. I was sure that the pasty little vampire boy would bring the rest of the cast down. Wrong-0! Pattinson proves that with competent directing comes even more competent acting. He and Witherspoon are great together. Reese- what can I say? She remains one of my favorite actresses.

So all in all, its a much needed break from the mindless crap out there nowadays. If you yearn for movies that offer something more, that divulge such raw human emotion, than I would say this is the ticket for you. Now go see the most spectacular show on earth.