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Fancast. My picks for The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. (First book only)

The Final Empire follows a crew of misfits (thieves, mostly) who want to overthrow the government and The Lord Ruler (their God), after years of enduring many injustices.

In this universe, some people can manipulate metals (copper, zinc, pewter), while others can manipulate all of them at once (Kelsier and Vin are the latter). The crew works to infiltrate the government, using spies and other resources, to get rid of the Ruler and his minions.
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Neverwhere is my favorite book and these are the actors I've cast in the movie. They're the ones I see in my head whenever I re-read the book.
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Movies watched in 2014
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These are the male actors I follow. I watch everything they're in, even if they're crappy movies/shows
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Films I watched in 2012.
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Marathons. Complete seasons.
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Keeping track of movies watched in 2011
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These are my favourite actresses, I watch everything they're in (even the crappy movies/shows)
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