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Beyond nostalgia...., 22 October 2009

This series is for hardcore Pythonistas (like myself), casual fans, and those discerning younguns who have yet to be exposed to their wacky, irreverent, and cerebral brand of humour. I am writing this having seen only 4 of the 6 installments, but so far it has been great. Although retrospectives have been assembled at 20 and 30 year anniversaries, this edition has enough new insights and behind the scenes characters to keep it fresh, and by far the most entertaining yet. Sharing with us some snippets of old TV shows and comedians (and in the case of T. Gilliam, cartoonist/publisher Harvey Kurtzman) that influenced them is quite enlightening. I really like the solitary black background interview format, the editors did a terrific job in melding the comments by the surviving 5.....and they all look great. Speaking of great looking, even in her mid 60s, Carol Cleveland is still hot! I also love the comments by the various celebs who are also dyed-in-the-wool fans. Depending on their age, they had similar first exposures to the unique brand of humour as those of us watching the documentary. Might have to buy the DVD for the extras too!