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Very Entertaining, 25 June 2012

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I'm wondering how the rating for this film as of now is low. This is a great film, very adorable about a woman who finds a box, locked inside is her imaginary friend that she hasn't seen in years. He was locked in a box by her parents because he was causing so much trouble. His name is Fred and he causes a lot of trouble for her adult self, even sinking a friend's house boat. This is wonderful and will likely entertain a lot of children.

I saw this when I was younger years ago. The film shows a woman who needs to grow up and let go of Fred. Which gives some sense to the title, "Drop Dead Fred". Leave the woman alone! It's very silly, and unless you're annoying by this type of humor, you will love it.

In reality, Fred was not locked anywhere. It was in her mind, and releasing him only released what she had imagined.. That's what you would think, but how else would he have sunken a house boat and done so many things?

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Excellent, 25 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is an excellent film that shows the views of Iraqi refugees wondering what their fate will be as the Americans arrive to invade their country. They work on providing a satellite TV for the village, and clear landmines.

The acting was excellent, and the film was made beautifully for a movie released in 2004, a year after the U.S. Invasion of Iraq and the capture of Saddam Hussein. The boy Satellite is a great character. Bossy, and commands a group of other refugee children. This is a movie easily relatable, or comparable to Amercian movies featuring children.

While this movie seemed to show a positive light on the United States invasion of Iraq in some aspects, it's a very great film. It is recommended to show the harsh realities of war and their effect on child refugees.

Game Change (2012) (TV)
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New respect, 25 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought that Sarah Palin wasn't ready to be President, but I thought that the media was simply being sensationalist. Not that I blame the media a lot. Well, this movie has confirmed it. Sarah Palin was not ready to be Vice President or President. This movie showed that she had mental breakdowns and that she did not know all of her facts. She was, however, the greatest actress in Conservative American politics.

I believe this movie to be fairly accurate. Those involved in the 2008 Presidential Campaign of John Mccain have no reason to ruin their reputations by coming out. What this movie showed was a woman who was hastily chosen to be President, and hardly vetted. I am unsure about the cussing, but it was a Presidential campaign and it is likely that they have cussed, and Sarah Palin did not cuss.

This movie has given me more respect for John Mccain. In 2008, I did not like John Mccain and I thought him to be a liar. Later on, after the election, I saw him to be respectable. This movie has given me and perhaps others more respect for him. If you're looking for a great film to sum up the 2008 election for John Mccain, you will love this. It shows a campaign in disarray after Sarah Palin was chosen as John Mcain's Vice-Presidential running mate that tried to do whatever she wanted. Even until the end when she wanted to give a concession speech. It drove the campaign staff insane.

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Action.., 21 June 2012

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Really excellent movie. For those that are '80s action film fans and '90s fans, you will love this. Sure, Arnold Schwarzenegger only make a brief cameo.. and I mean really brief. He is in one scene, says a few lines, and leaves and doesn't agree to go on a mission. There's all your favorite action stars that you've grown to love.

What's more to say about the plot? The Expendables are a team hired to do the dirty work, and they are hired to overthrow an entire Latin American nation being influenced by an American millionaire. Barney Ross and Christmas go on alone, and realize it's too much, but before they leave, they set off some huge fireworks. By fireworks, I mean explosions. They return for one reason, a girl. A girl that refused to leave the country even with all the chaos.

It's an action film with several scenes of heartwarming stories. Very brief, this movie is almost entirely action and that's what you've always liked about Sylvester Stallone. In his 60's and still rocking it. Have fun.

The Matrix (1999)
Wake Up And See, 5 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've been meaning to watch the Matrix series from beginning to end, instead of various clips of it when someone in my family were watching it. I do not regret spending seven hours watching the series. The first Matrix film is sure to be a hit, especially if you enjoy Anime. Some of the fighting techniques and scenes seem based on the fighting you would see in Japanese animation. 9/10 is this movie. I took off a point for the cheesy "I love you but I'm not going to tell you but I'm going to start a sentence that makes the viewers think I'm about to tell you but I'm not". Maybe it was common in the past, but it's cheesy for my view.

Imagine finding out your whole life was a life. Imagine finding out you were actually in a computer, and that in reality, civilization was destroyed years ago? Imagine trying to fight the machines that destroyed civilization.. a civilization of billions. I just summed up the entire movie.

One irritating plot event that I won't really mark off for was the fact that Neo was pretty quick to getting ready to save Morphius. Maybe it was because he had new information downloaded into his brain, which is another reason this is 9 and not 8 out of 10, but after being inexperienced and untrained, he's pretty quick to risk his life. But it makes for an exciting and action-filled ending..

Battleship (2012)
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Cheesy, 31 May 2012

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This movie had a lot of potential, but it's cheesiness was ridiculous. The bad story about the man who wants to impress the daughter of a general and gets arrested for stealing a chicken burrito, the World War II veterans, the USS Missouri actually destroying a high tech alien spaceship. Unbelievably ridiculous, and was a disappointment.

When I saw the trailer for this movie, I thought this would be awesome. I was so excited for it to come play in theaters. It looked like a film about a spaceship randomly popping up in the ocean, and destroying cities, and the United States military will come in and save the day. I was wrong.

Something unbelievably stupid beyond belief was the World War II veterans randomly showing up on the USS Missouri when the only battleship within range of an alien spaceship decided to try to use that ship after their ship was destroyed. I smiled when they all appeared and got the ship ready. It was cute. But this destroyed the entire plot. How could the USS Missouri destroy a high tech extraterrestrial space ship? This was cute but I just found it a little infuriating.

Overall, you should watch this movie if you won't mind the cheesiness. Just beware. The trailer is misleading.

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Not all that bad., 2 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought this movie was alright. It wasn't too great, but I didn't find it to be too bad. The werewolf obviously could've needed some touching up here and there, but that was really it. I was kind of surprised to see the bad rating this movie had as of right now when I am typing this.

I enjoyed the little spin on the movie. A regular Red Riding Hood movie would have been nice, but if you wanted a little more adult in the movie, there you go, although you don't really see any traditional "What big eyes you have" except during a dream the main character had, which was pretty much terrible.

I suggest that you go and see the movie, just to check it out. It does try to be similar to Twilight, especially with the werewolves. But for teenagers, I really don't think they would mind too much about the movie's attempt to be like Twilight, and according to another comment, they even snagged the director of the first Twilight movie. That's kind of a win for them.

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Silly., 8 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ridiculous. That is what I have to say about this movie. If you want to watch a silly movie about an Asian man attached to a female attached to another female to create a weird and strange human centipede, go right ahead.

I knew that this movie was going to be pretty silly, but I still decided to watch it with a friend, and it was pretty funny. It was cheesy, the actors were on and off with their bad acting, and the Asian man was pretty hilarious. I really enjoyed him as a character. This is a mad scientist film, where he turns humans into human centipedes. It's essentially three people with two people stuck together with their mouth to a rear. It's simply silly.

You should know what you're getting into when watching this movie. Hardly scary. In fact, not even scary.

Amazing., 8 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Amazing! Harry Potter returns with this fantastic new movie based on the book, but unfortunately it's part one. But I guess the benefit is that Harry Potter doesn't end yet. A benefit for the filmmakers too, as they may make more money.

I didn't enjoy the lack of action, though. Since the move preceding this one, I have not seen much action, or fighting. The beginning, there was fighting, but that seemed to be it. It simply seemed to be that the movie was about characters walking around in a forest and hiding. There was a pretty action-backed, and suspenseful and sad scene at the end of the movie, but it wasn't enough.

Ignoring this, I can see why this is an amazing movie, and that is why it deserves such a high rating.

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Documentary, 8 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this documentary in class today, the day I am typing this review. It was pretty interesting, but it is obviously biased towards Michael Moore's point of view. Thankfully, I agree with him on this film.

This documentary provides you with a load of interesting facts, such as murder numbers, and also an amusing cartoon animation. Unfortunately, this is also a bit dated of a documentary, so that could be a reason why the fact that the Columbine shooters bowled everyday before school was not a fact, which may have ruined the title "Bowling for Columbine". Maybe Michael Moore didn't know.

This film should not be taken too lightly, because there is a very serious point to this. I think you would love it.

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