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"Automan" (1983)
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One of the T.V. show that redefined superhero in the eye of a child., 6 July 2002

In a time when innocents has played a part of my life, Automan has been a great T.V. gem that creator Glen Larson and ABC has top offer. It was the very first live-action super hero show that widen my horizons of imagination. Though it attracts more kids then adults. It is why the show got canceled because of poor ratings and expensive special effects. Automan was very original and it should be granted a second chance then. Thanks to the Sci-Fi Channel, it is great to relive all 13 episodes of this failed series.

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A show like any other., 6 July 2002

"A Man Called Hawk" was one of those shows that were finely put together but was never giving a chance because of all the political technicalities. The general viewers are not ready for a strong black character that is intimidating and passes the racial stereotype of black characters. It should have lasted more then a season.