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Does not follow the traditional formula-Timeline is out of line., 18 March 2007

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This was the worst movie in the Bond collection. It is hard to follow. If it is as stated a "prequel" then why is "M" Judi Dench? Not that she was ever any good in that role. But the time line is all wrong because of her. The "M" should have been a man and all the autos should have been of the 60's era. Bond is invincible; except in this awful movie. I am taking my DVD back and trading it for something much better like "The Attack of the Killer Bees" or "Bonzo goes Ape." To the producers and owners of the Bond Series KNOW THIS: I will not buy another non formula Bond Picture. Get back to the Roger Moore formulas and fast because you are not smart enough to make a better Bond picture.This movie was too hard to follow, had the wrong items for the time line, and was very poorly thought out.