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Day of the Dead (2008 Video)
A total hack job
30 May 2008
This movie is nothing anywhere near the premise set up for any of the "of the dead" movies. Steve Miner has done his own movie here and placed the title of the Romero work to try and draw fans from the "of the dead" movies to see his hack job that he has done here. It was a total let down in ever form of the expression. Ving Rhames does not reprise his role from the Dawn of the Dead movie and most of the characters would never make it in any actual Romero movie. In my opinion do not rent this movie if you expect it to be of the caliber set by the Romero films. Anyone who has enjoyed the Romero films will be sorely disappointed by this film especially due to the addition of the spider-man zombies and yes believe it or not gun toting zombies firing at people. Steve Miner has lost total base with what Romero was trying to portrait in his of the dead series and he should go back and watch the original series if he is to ever take up another Romero film in trying to bring it up to date for the viewing audience. I hope this helps those thinking of renting this film much less buying it on DVD.
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