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Wouldn't Work Today, 7 May 2012

Yes you're right it was a very entertaining show with a lot of eye candy on display (I can recall an SNL spoof calling it Battle of the T & A's). A version today would pale by comparison for two reasons. With all the bot-ox and implants on display, it would look like an endorsement for plastic surgery. The other reason is the most important, Howard Cosell is Dead. He had his detractors but no one could give more hyperbole to something that was sheer titillating entertainment than he could. He could make "Keeping with the The Kasdashians" must see TV. I would prefer watching the old shows minus the episode with Van Dyke and Van Ark as co-hosts. The series was a great piece of nostalgia.

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Three times too many, 25 February 2008

This film is the third and final installment of the fine collaboration between Poitier and Cosby. Unfourtuately,it suffers from the first two films being great comedies of their time, so comparison is inevitable. The movie fails because they've taken our two players out of their working class element and portrays one as a sophisticatated con man and the other as a high class thief. It also never explains how Police detective James Earl Jones'discovers them as either.Where the film works is with Poitier's interaction with the troubled youth in the classroom sequences. Some good young actors are on display here and Poitier seems right at home reminiscent of "to sir with love".But once again then the film regresses back to the caper portion of the film which is as bland as bleach. And Cosby, who was the comic catalyst in the previous films was nothing more than a shell of his former form. The films message is mostly positive, but it terms of big laughs. It falls short.

Goin' Down Slow (1988) (V)
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Slow And Easy, 13 April 2007

One of the best opening sequences and title songs ever produced. It's disappointing that Leslie hasn't gone back to that particular style of movie opting instead for the quickie/gonzo genre. In his defense he's only catering to the market. His ladies were hot and were competent actors as well. I especially liked young Kathy Gentry AKA Joey as a naive young model trying to catch a break (among other things). The always sexy Ona Zee gives a mainstream performance as the opportunistic wife. Juicy Shanna Mccullough Alicia Monet and the late Megan Leigh round out the stable of beauties at Leslie's disposal.All in all,John Leslie's initial foray into directing can be described as a successful one.