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A disgustingly dishonest movie, 21 June 2016

Aliens have attacked the Earth and in four successive waves petty much have the upper hand. A young woman is separated from her father and young brother and goes on a journey to find them. But now the aliens have taken human form and patrol the forests.

The story of the invasion is told very well through the eyes of our main character. The action is fairly light but tense and I was absorbed for the first hour.

There is a central theme of subversion and manipulation - I imagine the title is even a nod to the 5th column in the Spanish Civil war.

I was having a good time, all set to write a shining review - then the film took a steep dive down the toilet.

A romance story -so cloying it would make Snow white throw up down her gown - is injected into the story. Then a bizarre number of coincidences all happen at once to allow the characters to finally catch up with the plot. Then one of the characters suddenly becomes a super hero. You keeping up?

Then the film finishes with no ending, suddenly it dawned on me. This is just a launch pad for another rubbish young adults franchise. Ironic considering the films main theme.

The DUFF (2015)
standard, enjoyable teen flick, 14 June 2016

Someone points out to Bianca she is a duff. The designated ugly fat friend. She is just there to make her more popular friends look good. Step up the annoying jock neighbour who can school Bianca in the ways of cool.

This may well sound familiar, to be fair this isn't going to win any prizes for originality. But the characters have a slightly different slant to them. The film also feels different, with a little more depth and concentrates on the social media aspect.

The production isn't as glossy as some other movies of its ilk and uses some snappy affects

The leading lady is great, which is just as well as she has a lot of work to do.

Not massively funny but entertaining, well made and quite light.

The Rover (2014)
A very grumpy road movie, 6 June 2016

The world is reeling from an economic mealy down. Society hangs on precariously in a state of lawlessness. Following a botched bank robbery a man's car is swollen. This is his story of getting his car back.

The main character is hardened, non communicative and solely dedicated to the task of getting his car back. What follows is a violent road movie with one the most unlikable, grumpiest heroes of all time.

Despite being a total douche I did start to warm to the character. This is a clear indication of how well made the movie is. Guy Pierce is great, which is just as well as he is tasked with shouldering most of the load.

The world is grubby, squalid and dangerous. Yet it has an element of realism about it. The police desperately try to keep prefer in a world where most people have all but given in.

An enjoyable watch with a beautifully bitter ending.

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A neat run and gun through the woods, 20 May 2016

A squad of marines in the near future are sent to a remote island on a training mission. Comms are down and a strange jacked-in technology specialist tagging along. Something doesn't seem right.

This is a great sci-fi movie. It has ring of Predator and Dog Solders about it.

The action and effects are great. The plot wears a little thin and could probably have done with a stricter edit as it does feel like it goes on a bit.

The characters are all good. The tech element with Vanessa Kirby's character being able to connect to hardware is quite interesting and well handled.

For the most part the director keeps it on the rails, the adversaries are threatening to the climax. But it does get a bit unnecessarily cheesy near the end.

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Some mismatching going on but enjoyable, 20 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A young woman awakes after a car accident in a bunker. The owner is treating her injuries but won't let her out due to contamination. She is not happy with this so tries to break out.

This is a film in two halves. The first is an excellent "bottle episode" where John Candy and Mary Winstead endure a dangerous battle of whits, with Gallaghar playing the neutral, swing party.

The sett and camera work really relay the anxiety of being stuck in close quarters. Candy is fantastic as a deranged preper who may just be misunderstood. Winstead is a worthy adversary, vulnerable yet antagonistic. With her wide eyes and body language she effortlessly fills the bunker with a sexuality that heightens the tension. She does this very subtly without the need of nudity or knicker shots - a great performance.

The second half is given away by the titles link to the other Cloverfield. Once on the surface the mood changes to something less measured but with more action. The scenes are dramatic and exciting but feels a bit childish after sitting through an hour of psychological thriller.

I liked both halves of the film in separation but they add nothing too each other.

On the whole, I would definitely recommend this. As a note, unlike Cloverfield - this movie is shaky camera free.

A really lumpy mess - but I swallowed it, 20 May 2016

A man decides he has had enough of his humdrum existence so goes home to kill himself. As a parting shot he decides to fulfil a rather sad bucket list - confront the school bully etc.

This film is a massive mess. It opens with a very bland monologue that has you edging towards the remote. Then, as the lead goes about his plans all the surrounding characters unload their personal baggage on to him.

He gets the full load too, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, homophobia, body image, infidelity, regret etc. etc. etc

Carving up this convey belt of pain are a number of misplaced knob and vagina gags.

The strange thing is, I kind of enjoyed this movie. It is over the top, badly put together but somehow fun. The hipster in me was screaming in outrage as I laughed along to some really childish set pieces.

The cast is all great, production great. Shouldn't work, but does - for me anyway.

Turbo Kid (2015)
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Exclusively for B movie fans, 16 April 2016

In this alternate 1980's post apocalyptic "future", where the main mode of transport is the BMX. A young... There is no point in explaining the plot.

This film is all about quirkiness, fun and heart - and about 20 gallons of pillar-box-red blood which that heart sprays over the actors and scenery.

The characters are silly but engaging, the gore is extreme yet not disturbing. There is a little bit of romance, some action, some adventure - it really hits all bases.

This film is very cheap, but professionally done. The camera work and setts play up to the low budget rather than are hampered by it.

This is cheap, silly, very gory but in a camp kind of way. If you are in the mood for anything remotely serious or if B movies are a turn off - then definitely turn off. Otherwise sit back and enjoy.

Housebound (2014)
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Funnier than scary - great characters, 12 April 2016

A woman, after failing to rob a cash machine is handed back to her estranged mother for custody. Neither are particularly pleased about the arrangement. Then again either is the ghost that the mother claims lives in the basement.

I have a very dry sense of humour. This hit the spot for me, the jokes are subtle, unobtrusive and never hamper the plot or setting. The film is not at all scary.

Morgana O'Reilly steals the show, she really owns the part. At points I wanted to reach into the screen and slap her in her spoilt face. Rima Te Wiata is also excellent as the annoyingly quaint mother. The film still would have been quite good Without the ghost story and just exploring the families relationship.

The production is good, but don't expect any polish.

It starts to wobble and comes off the tracks near the end, but I think that is the prerogative of an inexpensive horror.

Coherence (2013)
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Surprisingly clever and absorbing, 12 April 2016

The action focuses around a dinner party where, on the same night as a mysterious comet passes the Earth, the lights go out. Soon things get stranger and tensions between the guests start to grow.

I don't think I am spoiling too much if I say this is a parallel universe affair. I have seen a few of these type of things, normally with quite poor results. For me, this somehow managed pulled it off.

The initial scenes feel a bit home movie but they either improve or I got used to them as the camera work stopped bugging me.

The characters are a bit irrational and can be a bit whiny, but this is all part of it.

As the film goes on it has some clever little twists, and I found the ending quite intriguing.

Very good for what I would class a Netflix movie

The Intern (2015/I)
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Doesn't practise what it preaches - and it preaches a lot, 9 April 2016

Anne Hatherway has started her successful business from the ground up using a hand on management approach. She is forced to take a "senior intern" in the form of De Nero who she initially butts heads with, but soon they warm to one another.

This film has the potential to be warm and funny (it generally is) but is very preachy. There are clumsy dialogues regarding prejudice and inequality that come out of nowhere.

This film is even-handed if nothing else, if you are going to be beaten with the feminist stick then expect a battering with... whatever the opposite is.

The worse thing about this film though is that it challenges the idea (we all apparently have) that old people are stupid, useless liabilities. De Niro disproves this idea. Yet all the jokes are based around how all the other older characters are ridiculous and incapable.

By the end I felt like I had sat through one of those awful mandatory HR training films. I had been force fed a load of information I already knew with very little entertainment value.

All that said, production is good, acting is good and this isn't a terrible watch - I just expected more laughs and less sermon.

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