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Yay for Summerland!, 21 January 2005

When Summerland came out last summer, I was completely pleased! It's a show that I can feel comfortable watching with my mom and not worrying about language or anything else. The fact that three kids have to try and adjust to not only a new place but also a totally new family situation provides for interesting and different plot lines as each of the kids have such distinct personalities and they have to deal with so many new things! Lori Louglin does such a wonderful job as "Aunt Ava" after watching her for so long in Full House. Jesse McCartney has totally just exploded onto the scene and is so much fun to watch on the show! It's just a really well put together show and totally a must see!

I love it!, 11 January 2003

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High is probably my new favorite show. It invovles valuble science lessons with paranormal aspects and great plots. Blake Holsey High is setting on top of a Black Hole that is somehow connected with Peradyne Industries which was demolished in an explosion. Now the science club, made up for Corrine, Lucas, Marshall, Josie, and Vaughen, have to try and figure it out. The show is very wonderfully acted. Michael Seater, Robert Clark, and Shadia Simmons appear together as Lucas, Vaughen, and Corrine and the chemistry between the three of them is fabulous. They are very talented actors. It's just a cool show with some actual educational value. I definatly recommend this show!

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It's the best!, 30 November 2001

I am probably one of the BIGGEST fans of the Zack Files! The shows are hilerious and the special effects are pretty cool as well! The three guys that play Zack, Spencer, and Cam are A LOT of fun to watch! All three of them have great acting careers ahead of them! I am always in anticaption of the new episodes when they come! I hope the Zack Files are on for a LONG time! Where would this world be without a good clean show with three very cute boys and the paranormal!