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Movie that is ripe for a remake, 11 January 2015

I recently watched 'Goodbye Columbus' as I hadn't seen it in years. For me, the movie didn't hold up as well as I originally remembered, however it is still a film worth watching in my opinion.

I think this is the type of movie that is ripe for a remake provided they don't turn it into a farce and stay true to the original theme. The filming and dialogue did seem out of date but the story-line and acting were terrific and it is rare these day's that you see the subtle play of the character actors contribute so much to the story- line.

I recommend this movie but bear in mind is dealing with certain issues that were relevant at that time and today not so much.

The two main characters were great neither were saint or sinner but a product of their environment trying to break free. I think the character of Neal has a certain realization at the end of the film but I don't if the character would have any prolific change. As for Ali McGraw's character I sort of feel the same way, she comes to see herself as she is and I would think she would most likely stay the way the way she is, comfortably numb in her world.

If you like movies like 'the Graduate' I think you may like the movie, if not for the story then at least as a period piece from the late sixties.

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Disappointing second attempt, 9 September 2014

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I was a big fan of 'The Trip' however this time I didn't think it worked. Where the impersonations worked well in the original they seemed tired and way over used to the point where I found Rob Brydon annoying. The first series 'The Trip' had some heart and the juxtaposition of the two characters worked and you had some sympathy for them. I didn't feel that way in this go around. It fell flat for me and the character arc of Rob Brydon seemed mean spirited. The character of Steve Coogan was somewhat redeeming and his delivery was more low key but even he seemed like he wanted to be somewhere else. The scenery was nice and there were a couple of laughs but overall a disappointing movie.

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Well worth a look, 9 March 2013

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I didn't know anything about 'Nobody else but you' except some of the positive reviews I read online. I was pleasantly surprised how clever and atmospheric the movie was.This is not the greatest movie I have ever see but well worth it if you are looking for an entertaining mystery with a very original ending and that was the hook for me.

There are shades of 'Fargo' or 'Twin Peaks' however they are faint and seem more accidental than intentional.The soundtrack was a plus for me as well. As of late I have not been overwhelmed by the movies coming out of France and it was great to have a cinematic experience that seemed uniquely French.

Wanderlust (2012)
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I don't get the negative reviews. I thought it was hilarious., 19 September 2012

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I don't get the negative reviews. I thought it was hilarious. The storyline may not be entirely new; couple in crisis meets eccentric group, but it all worked for me. I thought the humor was there throughout the entire movie and that is rare these day's. I also found some of the other characters story lines to be very funny, one in particular was very original, Joe Lo Truglio as Wayne the nudist winemaker and writer, brilliant! Kathy Hahn as the angry hippie, Justin Theroux as the 'leader' were flat out funny. Also it was great to Alan Alda as the aging hippie with dimentia, again very original. If you enjoy Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston well worth a look!