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Teaches pre-k kids about science, fun to watch, 10 October 2008

This charming program follows a boy named Sid, a very curious kid, through a school day. Sid starts the day with a question, and the class explores the science behind it with simple experiments and class discussion. The program's tone is very light and humorous, filled with lots of music and jokes, and it is effective for teaching natural science. The show is CG animated, but it contains live-action segments of kids in school performing experiments. Sid himself appears to be in first or second grade, but the show is aimed at pre-K and kindergärtners too, as there is no reading involved, just a lot of music and exploration.

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Great show about craftsmen restoring historical tanks, 20 March 2007

This show is about craftsmen who restore old tanks, from the 1950s and older. The show is written for a non-military audience, so it's free of a lot of military jargon. It concentrates on the history and use of the actual tanks, and on the craftsmen that do the rebuilding. It also takes time to compare the tank in question with modern tanks in current use.

I like this show for the same reason I like "This Old House" or shows about restoring old railroad equipment. The craftsmen, usually from military museums or private tank collectors, are working on pieces of living history, and the show balances the historical explanations with the work being done to restore the tank itself, and how it will be displayed in the future. It's a good show to watch if you like to see resourceful craftsmen work on something that is rare and precious (due to its age) and hugely heavy and powerful. As "reality TV" shows go, this is a fun one to spend an hour with.