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The Borgias (2011–2013)
There is only one word to describe this : Brilliant
3 April 2011
I watched many historian series, like Rome, Tudors, or Ivanhoe. All these series were good, in my opinion Rome was the best and i thought that it would be impossible to make better series in that genre. Judging on pilot of the Borgias i was wrong. Casting is spectacular, all the actors are brilliant in their roles, specially Jeremy Irons as pope Alexander, and Colm Feore as cardinal. Storyline is swift, with good tempo, and also very interesting. Maybe there are some holes in historical view, but despite that series is Brilliant. I can't wait for more, and if it stays on this track, it will be one of the best series ever made! It is a shame they don't give Oscars for TV performances. Jeremy Irons would deserve one just for starring in pilot of the series !!!
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legacy destroyed
5 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has almost nothing in common with first one, which was in my opinion brilliant. Whole story is about people in jail with complexes and anger. They are arguing for nothing. There is almost no story, no message, this movie should go directly to DVD. I was expecting a lot, but the movie left me more than disappointed. To be honest with you, this movie isn't even worth watching. And, as I said before it has almost nothing in common with first part. Graham McTavish should stick to roles similar to that one in John Rambo. Other actors are also disappointing, the only one which is a bit better is Timothy V. Murphy, but just because his good Russian accent. I wonder who wrote this scenario. He should be fired. Camera isn't that bad, but not good also. But the main part that is missing is definitely storyline. How could people in jail sort out their conflicts just by playing football. This is like game simon said. To be honest with you this movie isn't even worth watching. Instead go for a walk in nature, you will use your free time better.
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