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Superbad (2007)
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So We Have an African Jew Watching Superbad, 20 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Superbad Review Directed by: Greg Mottola

Three epic guys in one epic movie!

If you read the title of this review and smiled, laughed, or chuckled, then it's either you're weird, funny, not boring, have a sense of humor, or you're awesome. Why would you be awesome, because you watched Superbad. Forget The 40-Year-Old Virgin, forget Knocked up, forget You Don't Mess with the Zohan, forget Zombieland (on second thought, don't forget Zombieland), and forget Borat, Superbad is the real deal. Now it might take a little bit time for it to grow on you (First time I saw it, it was meh, second time I saw it with a bunch of friends, it was bad(mostly because they didn't laugh so I didn't want to look like and idiot), but the third time, Best Movie Ever). And if you know the name "Judd Apatow" who worked on 40-YOV, Knocked up, Zohan, and Pineapple Express, then you will love this movie. Let's jump right in. -------------------------------------------------------SPOILER LINE------------------------------------------------------ Our main characters are a threesome (no, not that kind of threesome). It's an ensemble cast with three main characters. From my Juno review, you know I'm a big fan of Michael Cera (Year One, Juno, Youth in Revolt) and he plays another awkward character, Evan. He's the guy who wants this girl but he's too awkward and nice and stuff. Jonah Hill plays another character, Seth. Now Seth can get on your nerves if your nerves are easily got on (did that make sense? No!). He whines and b*tches every single second of screen time in the first two acts of this movie. But if you look at it in one point of view, that's the joke. His rants, an F-bombs, and verbal abuse are what makes him funny. If you don't find that funny, then better stay away from this movie. He's also an extreme pervert and if you know (from what I heard, haven't seen it yet) the film "American Pie", you know what sex talk you're getting into. If American Pie is to the 90's, Superbad is to the 00's. And the last and definitely not the least is Fogell AKA McLovin. He is the part of this movie that squirmed itself into pop culture and made this movie so iconic. He is the reason why this movie is so epic. He makes this movie even better than he already is. Basically, he gets a fake ID full of "strategy". He makes his age 25, instead o 21 like everyone else. He poses as a Hawaiian Organ Donor. And last but not least, he named himself McLovin. No first name, just McLovin. How badass is that? The supporting cast is just as good. Let me focus on two of my favorite characters in the movie. Probably the dumbest cops you'll ever encounter, Officer Slater and Officer Michaels. Officer Slater is played by Bill Hader and he definitely makes this movie better (w00t! I rhymed thrice!). Their first scene in the movie is found in those video dictionaries beside the word "LAUGH YOU ****ING ASS OFF". His on-screen chemistry with Officer Michaels played by the equally hilarious Seth Rogen (Monsters vs. Aliens, Knocked Up) is fantastic. Not only do their personalities collide but their personalities also contradict that of a cop. And when combined with McLovin's presence, these altogether create some of the most hilarious scenes in any comedy you will ever watch. One epic guy with two epic police officers. There's also Jules and Becca, the two girls Seth and Evan want to beep respectively. They're the typical high school girl but in the third act of the film, we finally get some depth to Jules. Becca however, well she's drunk for 20 minutes so that's depth for 5 minutes. They don't hurt the film and Jules in the third act was hilarious. The Becca and Evan scene however was just awkward the first two times but watching it alone was hilarious. Now, what is the story of this movie? Not much, it can be broke down into this: Three guys are graduating high school and they want to get laid before college. The only way to do that is to buy alcohol for Jules' grad party and get them whacked out of their minds during the party. But when disaster strikes and Fogell is separated from Seth and Evan and joins in with the two cops, chaos and hilarity ensues. Pretty basic story. Pretty hilarious movie. The acting in this movie is decent. Nothing Jack Nicholson or Morgan Freeman but believable enough. And besides, who goes to a comedy to look for Oscar-winning performances. The direction of the movie is awesome. The soundtrack increased the movies enjoyability. 70's and 80's music that blend with the visuals to create something special. Speaking of visuals, this movie depicts high school life to getting beer whilst underage life perfectly. The cinematography and lighting are a bit wobbly and ??? at times but nothing too bad. Now for the genre, Comedy, obviously. This film isn't really a drop out of your seat hilarious but it is LOL worthy and a few scenes with McLovin and the cops are ROFL worthy. You won't get bored. I don't get people who got bored by the middle act. It was never boring. This might be awkward to watch with your parents or you younger brother or sister. I suggest watching this movie with people of the same age. This is rated R for a reason. Sure, I'm 13 but I'm mature enough to know that underage drinking and ****ing is bad. But I do caution your younger kids, they might think since McLovin did it, it must be cool. No kids, not cool. Overall, I give Superbad, an 80% awesome. Trust me, that's not low (P.S. If you enjoy drawings of male genitalia, I implore you to watch this movie)

Juno (2007)
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It Started With a Chair, a Bored Teen, and Some Free Time., 20 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Juno Directed by Jason Reitman

I was never a fan of Jason Reitman. Thank You For Smoking didn't catch my attention and Up in the Air seemed overrated. I decided to shop for DVD's one day and I saw another one of his movies, Juno. It had Michael Cera and since I love Superbad, I had to see another one of Cera's movies. Ellen Page is also here and she was in the worst X-Men movie ever (X-Men 3) but she did a pretty decent job there. Right now, after watching this movie, I want to see Thank You For Smoking and since Up in the Air was nominated for some Oscars, it looks like a must-see. I won't go as far as to call this film a masterpiece but it exceeded my expectations which were pretty low. Anyway, on to the main review. ---------------------------------------------------------SPOILER LINE---------------------------------------------------- Our main character is Juno MacGuff. She is a 16-year old girl. The catch is, she's pregnant. This film is about teen pregnancy so I can't really relate to this. I don't know any teens that are pregnant but Juno does talk a bit too mature for her age. I didn't talk to a lot of 16-year-olds but it's pretty obvious that they wouldn't talk like this. But all movies require a sense of disbelief and hey, she's pregnant, I don't know how anyone will act in that situation outside the context of this movie. But Juno proves to be a good character because she is likable. You care for her character. There is no villain in this film since it is more of an internal conflict than external so let's move on. The supporting cast consists of Paulie Bleeker played by Michael Cera. Another thing I didn't like about this film was the lack of Michael Cera. He was awesome in Superbad but he was lacking here. I could totally relate with his orange Tic-Tac problem but he's not relatable in any other way for me. Paulie is likable enough though so no harm done. J.K. SImmons plays Juno's father and doesn't stand out very well. Vanessa Loring is pretty likable and Mark Loring is very likable until the near end of the movie. The supporting cast is mostly meh. Only Mark and Paulie stood out. The story of the movie is really good actually. Jason Reitman usually uses some sensitive material as the subject matter for his movies. Thank You For Smoking is obviously about the danger of cigarettes and Up In The Air is about economic downturn. He can really write a good story out of these topics and Juno is no exception. The acting in this film is great. Putting aside everything else, Page, Cera, Bateman, Simmons, and Garner do terrific jobs. The direction is just amazing. I love those types of movies with subtle gimmicks. I hate gimmicks usually but if you're going to put rules to surviving a zombie apocalypse on screen or split the screen into two showing expectations vs. reality, then the movie will tend to be memorable. Juno is very memorable because Reitman does this. His opening sequence is genius and his choice of music is wonderful. The Visuals in this film are great. They really depict what it's supposed to depict accurately. The opening title sequence is also pleasant to watch. Now for the genre, this movie is a Comedy / Drama. The comedy in this film is very subtle and not laugh out loud like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Jason Reitman IS after all the son of Ghostbusters Director Ivan Reitman and Ghostbusters didn't make me laugh out loud either. They made me chuckle, smile, and laugh softly but they focus on the other genres. Ghostbusters focused on the ghosts and Bill Murray's awesomeness, Juno focused on the Drama, Characters, and the Atmosphere. Now this is one of my mini reviews that I don't really take seriously because there's not much I can say about Juno aside from what I have already said. Overall, I give Juno, a 79% awesome.

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Tarantino Hits It Out of the Park Once Again, 26 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mr. Tarantino is one of THE best directors in Hollywood. He is one of the best writers and the dialogue in his movies is just amazing. This one is no exception and is probably one of his best. Let's jump right in to Inglourious Basterds (that's how it's spelled so don't go telling me to say it like "Inglorious Bastards" that's not how he spells it).

Our main character is Lieutenant Aldo Raine played by Brad Pitt. He sports an accent in this movie that if it doesn't make you laugh at least once, consult your doctor immediately. His accent pops in at the most inappropriate times. He's a likable character and is also kind of a badass. He just hates Nazis. He goes by the take no prisoners method. If you're a Nazi and run across him, it's either they kill you with a baseball bat or they let you live but carve a swastika on your forehead. Aldo is one awesome guy and just proves that Quentin can write the best characters possible.

Our main villain is the Nazis but particularly Colonel Hans Landa, played terrifyingly by Cristoph Waltz. This guy is a smooth-talking, calm, collected, and smart man. He acts in such a way that you'd expect little from him but they don't call him "The Jew Hunter" for nothing. This guy is one of the most terrifying villains in film history. In one scene he eats strudel in a restaurant while Tarantino's lively dialogue is happening and you can't help but think, "What is this guy up to? Yeah he's eating strudel, but what is he up to?" He is definitely one guy you won't want to mess with.

Our supporting characters are awesome. Let's start with the ladies. There are two main ladies in this movie, Bridget von Hammersmark played by Diane Kruger, and one of my favorite Tarantino characters, Shosanna Dreyfus, played by Melanie Laurent.

Why do I like Shosanna so much, well, she reminds me of The Bride from Kill Bill, bent on revenge, and that worked well for Kill Bill and it works here. In the beginning of the movie, Hans Landa murders Shosanna's entire family but she escapes and now, she seeks revenge on the Nazis. Since a movie premiere of a film showcasing the victory of the Nazis is taking place at her theatre, she takes this as a prime opportunity for vengeance. She's definitely someone you won't want to mess with either.

As for Bridget, she doesn't have much screen time but for the time she's on screen, she plays her role good enough. She doesn't stand out so much but she does her job.

The male supporting cast consists of Donny Donowitz AKA The Bear Jew played by Eli Roth. This guy is awesome, why? Two words, Baseball Bat. He beats people up with a baseball bat. This is shown once in the whole movie but that scene was one of my favorites, no not because of the violence but because of Tarantino's direction and writing of that scene. Aldo asks a German Soldier where the other Nazis are but he respectfully refuses. Then he asks Donny to kill him. I don't want to spoil the rest of this beautiful scene for you. Just watch it, unless you're pussified towards strong violence, that is.

Another male cast member is Hugo Stiglitz played by Til Schweiger. This guy has limited screen time but unlike Ms. Von Hammersmark, this guy actually kicks major ass during his time on screen. Nuff said.

There are a few more male cast members and Mike Myers has a cameo but they are so trivial that I won't go over them but they're still some awesome characters.

The story is great, I pretty much explained the first part above but what makes it so great is Tarantino's unique styles in writing. He doesn't spoon feed you with the story. There are two separate stories: One involves Aldo Raine and the Basterds, trying to finish off the Nazis' Third Reich at the movie premiere, and the other involves Shosanna getting her revenge using the movie premiere. At the end these two stories intertwine creating a marvelous finish that I won't spoil for you. And since Hans Landa and Aldo Rained barely cross paths until near the end, their encounters are some of my favorite parts.

The acting here is a slight problem. Brad Pitt is fun to watch but his acting is kind of meh... here. Eli Roth is also kind of meh... Cristoph Waltz is easily the best actor in here and I hope he wins an Oscar. His portrayal of Hans Landa is damn near perfect. Melanie Laurent and Diane Kruger also do great jobs.

The direction of this movie, need I to say it, damn near perfect. Quentin Tarantino is the master of writing dialogue but his direction makes it all the better. His music choice, though eclectic, is still really good and is arguably one of the best soundtracks of the year.

The Visuals of the movie, how it depicts World War II, is well, pretty good. There are very few anachronisms and you really believe you're there, especially the first scene.

To summarize, this is a great movie but not for conventional audiences and more of an intellectual audience as there is a lot of dialogue that could bore you if you're expecting a bloodbath of action. I recommend this movie if you're willing to sacrifice 2 hours and 33 minutes of your life. Overall, I give Inglourious Basterds, 90% awesome

2012 (2009/I)
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Not Bad, 29 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ever since this movie was announced I was waiting for it. When its release date was pushed back, I was disappointed but still I waited for it. At one point, I thought that Roland Emmerich has finally made a good and enjoyable movie and not just enjoyable. Independence Day, The Day after Tomorrow, Stargate and Godzilla were bad but still enjoyable (and don't mention that steaming pile of excretions that is 10,000 BC). It finally came out and I was eager to watch it. I saw it yesterday and I was... disappointed. I was expecting a better story and a lot more destruction but this IS the ultimate disaster movie with more disaster than in any other movie. ----------------------SPOILER LINE--------------- Our main character here is Jackson Curtis. The problem here is he's not supposed to be the main character; Dr. Helmsley should've been the main character. His family escaping this movie is a cliché storyline. And by escaping the disasters I mean ESCAPING-AT-THE-LAST-SECOND style. That was my main problem. The villain in this movie is nature itself. It really leads to some great scenes. Nothing much to say here. The supporting characters are basically the rest of Jackson's family. President Wilson (Danny Glover). By the way, why was Danny Glover in this movie? His acting sucked! This movie actually had a lot of likable characters like I said, Dr. Helmsley, and Gordon. The story of this film is good enough, I guess but it could've been so much more. The acting is decent, it isn't over the top amazing as in Tom Hanks good but not too bad that you face palm the whole movie. The direction is also good enough. There are some scenes where you really feel that you're part of the disaster. And this movie did feel sad at a few moments. The scene where Dr. Helmsley is talking to his dad knowing that he won't survive was sad. The scene where the Indian family wasn't picked up and they show their love for each other one last time as the tsunami hits them was one of the saddest scenes in film history. And finally the scene where Dr. Helmsley is convincing the guys at the ship to let the other people in was also kinda sad. It's the end of the frickin' world! The visuals are ultimately the best of the year. It wipes out Transformers 2 and District 9. District 9 is pretty close though. The two stand-out scenes however was the destruction of Los Angeles and the eruption at Yellowstone. These two scenes were so awesome to watch in the theatre. However, the first act of the movie had a destruction of a store as the stand out scene and overall, not bad. The second act had the two stand-out scenes but at the end, the destruction was Day After Tomorrow again. Just flooding... That was disappointing. Overall, I still enjoyed it and I give 2012, 83% awesome.

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An example of a cinematic masterpiece., 29 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

HOLY CRAP! In my whole life I have never seen a film this good. Two hours and thirty minutes just flew by and I didn't even notice it's been an hour when the first part was over. This film left me in awe and I feel like watching it again and again and again. People say this is overrated; well it sort of deserves it! So this is all opinion and the only fact is an event in the movie. -------------------SPOILER LINE---------------- So our main characters are Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson). These characters are two of the best in the whole history of film and they deserved the Oscars they got. Our villain is umm... Since there's no exact villain, this film gets the bonus. Our supporting characters are Butch (BRUCE WILLIS!), Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman), Honey Bunny (Amanda Plummer), Pumpkin(Tim Roth), and Marcellus Wallace(Ving Rhames). All these characters play into the film perfectly. The genre of the film is crime, black comedy, and thriller. Well there was crime, at parts I was laughing my ass off, and some parts, my heart was beating so fast. There were no boring moments in this film. The story is told out of order. We start in a Diner and end in a Diner. So I'll summarize the story in its real order. Vincent and Jules get a case containing ....... and then they accidentally kill someone in their car so they have to clean it out. Jules thinks about retiring while the diner they're eating at is held up. Jules stops the robbery and go to a bar where Vincent gets his assignment from Marcellus Wallace. He takes Mia Wallace out. She gets overdosed in drugs. And the rest is spoiling the story. So, I give Pulp Fiction, one of THE GREATEST FILMS OF ALL TIME, 95% AWESOME! The highest rating so far!

Push (2009)
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Just another movie, 13 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Push Directed by: Paul McGuigan

I have nothing much to say about this. All of this is opinion and the only fact is an event in the movie. Here's my review for push. ------------------------------------------SPOILER LINE---------------------------------------------- Our main characters are Nick Gant (Chris Evans), Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning), and Kira(Camilla Belle). Chris Evans almost never disappoints and this is no exception. Dakota did a great job in here. Kira didn't stand out as much though. Our main villains are the Chinese and the Division. Mainly Carver (Djimon Hounsou) is the one who's pissing everyone off. The supporting characters are Pinky (Nate Mooney), Hook Waters (Cliff Curtis), and Emily Hu(Ming-Na). Pinky has a tiny role in here. Hook was awesome and Emily didn't stand out either. The action in here is awesome though. Other aspects might suck but the action makes up for it. The story isn't that good and it's like they build up a story in the first few minutes, break it, then the rest of the movie is another story. Overall, I give Push, 74% awesome. Yeah, it's not the best movie.

Yes Man (2008)
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Hilarious in every way, 12 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well people, what can you say about Jim Carrey? He's hilarious! From The Mask to Bruce Almighty, he's been making us laugh. He's one of my favorite comedians and I'm probably gonna give his other movies reviews. Let me just state that this is all opinion and zero fact and the only facts will be events in the movie. Jim Carrey's the man but in here, he's the Yes Man. ---------------------------------------Spoiler Line------------------------------------------------------

So our main characters are Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) and Allison ( Zooey Deschanel). They are likable and Carl is hilarious. Our villain is… is there a villain? Oh yes, our villain is a word… NO. Wow, I never thought a movie's main villain would be a word. Let alone a two-letter word. Well, since there is no villain, this will be a pass. Our supporting characters are Norman (Rhys Darby), Pete (Bradley Cooper), Stephanie (Molly Sims), and Lucy (Sasha Alexander). These characters are subtly placed in the story. Norman is Carl's boss, subtle. Pete is Carl's best friend, subtle. Stephanie is Carl's ex-wife, subtle. And, Lucy is Pete's fiancée that Carl has to throw a bridal shower for, subtle. Is the word subtle starting to sound weird to you? Anyway, these characters are played well and Norman is hilarious (It could be biased since I'm a Harry Potter fan and a scene in the movie is well, WATCH THE MOVIE). The comedy in here could be clean or crude. But either way, it's hilarious (Once again I could be biased since the HP bit was hilarious for a Potterhead). Finally, the story is simple and good. Carl keeps on giving up opportunities and saying no. He attends a seminar and makes a covenant to say "yes" to every opportunity. And it's a chain of events from here on. This film can make you laugh and, to a minimal extent, feel sad. So overall, I give Yes Man, an 83% awesome.

WALL·E (2008)
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Cute. Just too CUTE!, 9 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is my second Pixar review and I'll be reviewing an earlier project of theirs. Older by merely a year, WALL•E is another one of Pixar's masterpieces. But let me make clear that all of this is opinion and zero fact and the only fact is an event in the movie or otherwise. -----------------SPOILER LINE------------------

The main characters in this film is of course WALL•E (Ben Burtt) and EVE (Elissa Knight). These characters are charming and WALL•E is very cute, maybe it has something to do with his eyes. Those eyes stare into your soul! EVE is like Colette from Ratatouille or Ellie in Up, a tough female. Stuff is interesting when you switch it right? Anyway, the main "villain" is AUTO. He's not really a villain, it's his programming. His programming makes him do "evil things." Shelby Forthright (Fred Willard) said that the Earth is uncleanable so, even if EVE did find a plant on Earth, AUTO's programming is preventing him from letting the ship go back to Earth. AUTO also spoofs HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The supporting characters are basically, M-O (Ben Burtt again) and Captain McCrea (Jeff Garlin). M-O is annoyed at WALL•E at first but at the end, they become friends and stuff. Captain McCrea is the captain of the AXIOM (Sigourney Weaver). Now the genre of WALL•E is basically comedy/family/Adventure/Romance/Sci-fi and more. It is funny at some times but it's a "cute funny" not a genuinely funny moment. There's nothing much that will make it un-kid-friendly. It is full of adventure, the romance between WALL•E and EVE is cute. The science in here is not that accurate (sound in space). Now the story is not that bad and complicated. Mankind has polluted Earth and WALL•E's try to clean it up but soon, here is only one WALL•E left. One day, that WALL•E meets an EVE. WALL•E falls for EVE but shows her a plant. They go to AXION, AUTO pisses them off, they go back home. Anyway, this movie is more on "cuteness" but still I give it an 83% awesome.

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It's like a live action would-be movie, cept it's animated., 5 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, nothing much to say for an introduction here. Simply, about five years before "The Incredibles," was made, Brad Bird was attached to direct one of the most underrated movies of all time, The Iron Giant. I gotta say, I only watched this twice and even though I know what happens the second time, it is still heartwarming and Brad Bird's best. Let me remind you that this is all opinion and zero fact and the only fact that will appear as an event in the movie.

Our main characters are The Iron Giant (Vin Diesel) and Hogarth Hughes (Eli Marienthal). The relationships in this film are amazing and subtle. They aren't shoving it in your face they just play it naturally and the relationship between these two is no exception. They're both fun characters and The Iron Giant gets his funny moments too. The main villain is probably Kent Mansley(Christopher McDonald). He's just annoying and a jerk but that's what makes him such an awesome villain-ish. He's obsessed with destroying the Giant that he forces Hogarth to tell him where it is and if he doesn't cooperate, he's gonna take him away from his mother! ... YOU SICK TWISTED *******! The supporting characters are, Hogarth's mom, Annie Hughes (Jennifer Aniston) and Dean McCoppin(Harry Connick Jr.). Once again, the relationships here are very subtle and the cross relationships of Hogarth to his mom, Dean, Kent, and the giant are amazing (and all that that implies lol). The action in here is amazing, especially near the last part. Kent gets the AIRFORCE to strike at one giant. Once again, forgive me for this... YOU SICK TWISTED *******! Now the story is simple. A robot crashes on Earth and a kid befriends it. The kid tries to prevent anyone seeing him but A SICK TWISTED *******! ... sorry tries to find out about the robot and tries to get the army to destroy it. Well, this is on my top movies list and I'm proud to give The Iron Giant, 88% awesome!

Titanic (1997)
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WAAY Underrated!, 5 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think James Cameron might be becoming my favorite director because this is my second review of his movies. Anyway, everyone remembers the RMS Titanic. It was big, fast, and "unsinkable"... until April 1912. It was all over the news and one of the biggest tragedies ever. Well James Cameron decided to make a movie out of it but star two fictional characters to be in the spotlight instead of the ship. Well, onto the main review but let me remind you that this is all opinion and zero fact and the only fact that will be present is an event from the film.

So our two main characters are Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet). They're not annoying too much but watch this and you'll find out why they could become annoying ( ). The main villain I guess is bad luck, fate, hand of God (no blasphemy intended), or just plain Caledon Hockley (Billy Zane). Combine all of the above and what do you get?! Oh yes! We get a love story on a sinking boat. The supporting characters are the following: My personal favorite, Mr. Andrews (Victor Garber)(idk he was so nice), Lovejoy(David Warner), Murdoch(Ewan Stewart), Lightoller (Jonathan Phillips), Captain Smith(Bernard Hill), Molly Brown(Kathy Bates), and many more. We also got the present day treasure hunter, Brock Lovett (Bill Paxton). They add something to the story, something good. The action in here is awesome, especially in the second half, the drama as also good. In the end you can have your eyes dropping rainstorms or silent tears. The story is simple and it works. A treasure hunter seeks the Heart of the Ocean and instead finds a drawing of a woman wearing the said diamond. She calls and tells her tale on the RMS Titanic. Two lovers separated by social class and ultimately, the fate of the ship. Everything about the story works and there are very few flaws. I give Titanic, an 86% awesome

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