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The Gooriest Film Since A Nightmare On Elm Street, 4 January 2011

Yes I really loved A Nightmare On Elm Series because Freddy was the blast with funny ways to scare people in their dreams and then make it serious when he kills them. Well Freddy's Back and this time he brought Jason from Friday the 13th to help him kill the naughty elm street children for him since they don't fear Freddy anymore. But little does he know that Jason is a never-ending serial killing machine and is too much that Freddy decides to get his power back himself and try to kill Jason while he's asleep. Failed to do do the battle gets more epic in Jason's home at Crystal Lake where the two titans face off. For me I loved Freddy in this movie but for some reason I turned out to like Jason more for he is much more cooler and his Friday the 13th Series was awesome

Super Smash Bros. (1999) (VG)
The Best Game I've Ever Played!, 14 September 2010

I can't believe the reviews! Its so low. This game is just awesome and there's now word about it. The graphics were okay the gameplay is fantastic (not to mention there's a story but there simply doesn't have to be) and the characters are well chosen and presented. I always thought the next two Smash Bros in the series were more awesome. But I was 100% wrong! When I started playing this Original Smash Bros it simply blew me away! The introduction was unique and amazing and all the characters have so much fun together. My favorite characters are Luigi, Mario, Donkey Kong and Link and all the rest are cool with their own ways. I play this game for so many hours and I get so stuck into it that sometimes I wish my friends will play with me as well. Good work Nintendo! I'm proud to announce that this is the greatest work of art of gameplay you created!

So Far So Good, 11 September 2010

Its Up To Me To Decide If A Game Is Good And I Say That This Game Is Fantastic! The Mario Creators Have Done It Again In Another Awesome Packed Adventure Filled With Classic Gameplay From The Original Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World. The First Was Excellent Yet This Is By Far The Most Classic Mario Adventure Yet! Mario is awesome with his classic moves and riding Yoshi through the shooting galaxy stars is simply amazing! The graphics and music are oh so wonderful and for the first time in decades I haven't been so rapped in a Mario game until now. If you love Mario and Yoshi you'll love this title. The gameplay and bosses and enemies are original and awesome too. 10/10

Best Fighting Game Ever, 16 August 2010

I'd like to point out I'm not a big fan of arcade street fighting but for the very first time this game is by far one of the best fighting games I've ever played. The fighting characters are pretty cool especially Soki from Onimusha Dawn Of Dreams and Frank West from Dead Rising. The special attacks are awesome, the graphics are superb and of course the game play is excellent. I'd like to point out not every character will suit you as the giant robotic machines can be a real pain. But apart from that you can play up to 15 or more of your favorite arcade fighting characters and have heaps of fun with all your friends and wouldn't wanna put the game away in more than 4 hours.

Super Mario Galaxy (2007) (VG)
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Could Be So Much More, 18 May 2010

I Love Mario games and I especially liked the classics Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3. This game however didn't live up to my expectations. It looked very solid and smooth and exciting at the start but going through galaxy to galaxy it just doesn't really excite much anymore. I do have to say however the graphics are amazing the music is fantastic but all that bothers me is the basic game play. It does just look too simple yet even the hardest levels you can skip and go across the universe just to find Bowser and his kidnapped Princess Peach. Tell the truth Bowser Jr wasn't as hard to fight than Bowser himself. And even the gigantic bosses were not that hard at all. If they make the second I wouldn't be surprised if it's worse. Although it is a good game to own and play with your friends.

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Whoa What A Movie!, 14 May 2010

This movie is what I call an animated classic! It is not only the best animated movie ever made but does the greatest job in movie film-making. Dragons of all ages will be delighted on how wonderfully told and acted a kids movie can really be. The dragons were very cute especially toothless and Hiccup the owner. His girlfriend was hot except she is much older than I am. For any Dragon lover or movie fan drop by at your nearest cinema and spend your money just to see this wonderful delight where there will be times where you may laugh and giggle have an awesome dragon ride and maybe near the end have a few tears running down your cheeks. Truly an epic classic animation and is very highly recommended.

Robin Hood (2010)
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Robin Hood, 14 May 2010

The Best Movie I've ever seen and there's no doubt about it. It begins with long awaited legend that calls himself Robin and wears no hood. But him and his friends are on a quest to stop the evil king. Although the storyline may be too long the battle sequences were terrific and not even one drop of blood was shown during the battles. Robin's wife Marrilyn is his long awaited true love and is personal to say that it's about time he has found someone. The acting was brilliant for an olden day movie and of course the villains were awesome too especially the bold headed dude. I was awaiting nothing at the start but the final battle was excellent especially when Robin finished the man off with his bow and arrow. There were many funny points too especially when the man against robin hood got his finger chopped off by an arrow of Robin for trying to hang a wanted poster for Robin. Very Recommended and nobody has the right to complain.

Iron Man 2 (2010)
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Good Action Great Movie, 30 April 2010

I Loved The first Iron Man but this is by far so much better in every way due to the superior Iron Man's Return as Tony Stark. He has a whole world to entertain with his moves his conversations and especially his saving the world from evil. He however gets into situations where he gets drunk and people get scared of him but his side kick Iron Man 2 is on his side to help him overcome overconfidence. There is however an evil native man trying to get his revenge after the death of his father from the mighty Iron Man. He turns himself into a electrical vaporising machine man where he starts off Tony in the Grand Prix of auto racing and goes head to head with Iron Man in front of a whole crowd and stadium. Later on he experiments on a whole army of ironic machines and sends them to kill Iron Man but Iron Man 2 his sidekick is there to help and in the end defeat the mega electrical native man. Good movie must see for all Iron Man fans !!!

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Good But Very Disappointing, 5 February 2010

This one of the best and boldest super smash brothers brawl review ever made and it says a lot about the most awesome Nintendo characters. However I found some of the characters like the star-fox and Bowser and maybe Dedede very unrealistic and were just dressed in costumes. The acting was fantastic and very surprisingly Luigi was the main character. I thought Ganondorf was played very well and so was Bowser somehow and Snake, Sonic and Chief Link and Zelda very good characters. And yet Kirby the cannibal got to me and he seemed to be the bad guy of the whole show and in the meantime it was up to Luigi to stop in. Episode 10 was great I'm sure they'll make some episodes yet to come. Fantasy is to hard to make a reality.

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Mario Number 1!!!, 5 January 2010

Very good Mario brothers game with just about everything you would of hoped for in a Mario game. The graphics the game-play and just about everything I would give 10 out of 10. Although for a Mario game the difficulty can either be very easy or very hard. Mario, Luigi and the toads are 4 in the game where you can have fun with all your friends and they would have a good time too. Mario Bros Wii is a fascinating beginning of the end of Mario series and in case you're wandering Wii is so much more fun now that you have Mario as the king of Nintendo. If you're a Mario fan you won't be a tad disappointed of the awesome New Super Mario Brothers Wii!!!

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