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One of the best internet shows out there today., 21 November 2010

Safety First is, by far, one of the best internet shows out today. The "market" of internet videos is saturated by low quality dribble produced by unintelligent narcissists, but Safety First rises above these wastes and brings the masses some entertaining, thoughtful action. The show's parodies and implementation of video game themed graphics put it on par with Scott Pilgram Vs. The World. Also, being from England, their humor is very robust and occasionally cynical with slapstick elements thrown in. Another great thing about the show is their interaction with the fan base. They routinely message fans through social media, include fan artwork in their videos, and even "recruit" lucky fans into the "Safety Cadets!" By and large, this is definitely the show you want to get emotionally invested in! ...and remember, STAY SAFE!!