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I loved it!, 12 January 2003

I wasn't so keen on the first film but i loved this one. I thought the battle scenes where great, especially the tree people (don't know their proper name) they kicked so much ass. I felt the first film was boring at times but this film was great from start to finish. I loved it when the dwarf was making jokes about running. Only thing i did not like in this film was some of the scenes with frodo and sam i felt they got a bit tiresome.

Indiana Jones is the best film in the world!, 11 January 2003

I can not think of any film that has captivated me as much as Raiders of the Lost Ark. This film is perfect. First of all i want to sat that Harrison Ford deserved an oscar nomination for his performance in this film. He is just great. He is much more than just a standard action hero, we see both the good and bad aspects of the character. I also love the way he portrays humour, like when he shots the swords man. I can not imagine anyone else in this role and think that had Tom Selleck got the role the film would not have been as successful. Denholm Elliot is great as Indiana's most trusted friend, as is Karen Allen as his love interest. The bad guys are also good. I like it that the main the main bad guy (played by Paul Freeman) is in many ways similar to Indiana Jones. This gives the film something more than most action films where there is a clear distinction between the bad and good guys, in Raiders there is not. I can't think of the words to sum up Spielberg's direction, he is simply perfect. This is by far his best movie. I like almost all of his films, but this is his shinning moment. In closing this is the best film ever watch it when your young and it will change your life, i don't know anyone who isn't an Indiana Jones fan. I hope they make a 4th film!

Frantic (1988)
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Wonderful, 10 October 2002

I had seen this film a number of times when i was younger but apon watching it again last night with a few more years behind me i enjoyed it a lot more. Harrison Ford is my favorite actor and i think he is great to watch. I think he could make any film good because he just has something about him. I can not believe that he has not won an oscar and only been nominated once. The only bad point about this film is that it is not totally believealbe. but hey its a movie it doesn't have to be. Hugely under-rated film!!!

Mr. Nanny (1993)
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Whats wrong with films like this?, 25 September 2002

It angers me when films like this get such low ratings. I mean if your expecting an oscar winning film with hulk hogan the you can get to mars. This film is enjoyable to watch when your young and quite fun to watch when your a teenager as well as it brings back childhood memories. I was looking at the ratings for another childhood favourite - "ghost dad". i mean why can't people just enjoy the film and if you don't like it then quite simply change the channel!! Its not that hard a thing to do. Hulk Hogan is a funny guy to watch as a wrestler and as an actor and i think it is unfair that films with him in it are rated so low cos a lot of people enjoy his work. So every smart ass reviewer can just take him in the right context or not watch anything by him if they expect him to actto an oscar winning standard. Anyway i've had my little rant, i love films like this!

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I liked it, 25 September 2002

i thought this film was very good to watch, i caught it late one night on bbc 1 and i was very pleased to have seen it. i thought bill cosby was great as mother, he seamed to have a darker side to him which i thought was really good. I think the film boasted a wonderful supporting cast. Good movie i'd give it 8 out of 10.

Summerslam (1996) (TV)
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Best event ever, 19 September 2002

I have been a keen WWF fan for a long time now and i have seen many paper views and i can not think of an event that was better than this one. I loved the Owen Hart cast gimic, he was so funny in this match. The tag team contest wasn't great, at the time I really waned to the smoking guns to loose their tag titles because I felt that other teams would of been better with the gold. The Mero and Goldust fued was great and the match was brilliant as well. Sid v Bulldog was nothing fancy but a solid match, I thought Sid was great at the start of the match when he was warming up the crowd.

The boiler room brawl was brilliant! I was really shocked when paul bearer turned on taker I usually see face turns happening a mile off, but this time I was stunned. The split up of taker and paul bearer streched the becoming tiresome feud between Mankind and The Undertaker and made wrestling much more fun to watch. I thought it was amazing when Foley flew onto the floor from the ring apron.

The title match was one of Shawn Michaels best matches. He hit his high flying moves perfectly and put down Vader with a different move which was refreshing to see. I thought Vader and Michaels both did a great job.

So any fan should go watch this paper view because its just great!

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Arghh its just awful, 3 August 2002

What have they done to my beloved transfomers? Dear god what where they thinking? I saw an episode of this show the other night and was almost sick.

WHEN did was Megatron a ducking 2 headed dragon!!!! WHO the hell is Sideburn????? What was the point in keeping some of the original characters and making some new ones. The stupid shark person was just gut wrenching. It was just stupid and shouldn't be shown, why can't the old episodes be re-run.

From true transformers fan! (not transfan!)

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I seriously hated this series, 1 July 2002

I do not know why i brought myself to watching as many episodes as i did because i found this series to be one of the worst i have ever seen. Lee Evans is awful! The way he tries to be a modern Frank Spencer is cringing to watch. The rest of the cast are equally awful especially the crazy woman, who is not funny. What really bugged me about this program was the way Lee Evans forced himself into "funny" shapes. I recall one episode when he is doing something like changing a light bulb and then after slipping he is somehow upside down after great effort by the actor to get into that position. You want silly humour that works watch Some Mothers do ave them, do not bother with this it really isn't worth the time.

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Dam this film is great, 4 June 2002

I just love this film. I think it is perfectly casted and has wonderful effects. It is also really funny, much funnier than a lot of modern comdeys. It is good to see one that doesn't focus on people doing stupid things, like in most modern comedies, like road trip and amercan pie. This is a good thing to see because comdies such as road trip are not suitable for younger viewers when this film is far more suitable and in my opinion funnier. Tim Allen is great in his role as is Alan Rickman. I think you have to see this film as it it is very funny. 10 out of 10

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Not too bad, 4 June 2002

Ok i shall start by saying i am a huge Indiana Jones fan and when i saw this recently i thought it was a ghastly copy, but i think as the film progresses it gets better and some of the scenes late in the movie are very impressive - particurly when john rhys-davies forces the german guy to eat the diamonds. I liked most of the scenes with john ryhs-davies in but i was slightly disappointed to see him in rip-off of Indiana Jones as he was in Raiders of the Lost Ark. So overall this film isn't that bad to watch, its quite fun really but it is nothing compared to the mighty Indiana Jones.

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