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Funny!!!, 17 October 2009

This is a fantastic short. Funny, smart with wonderful performances. The 2 women work extremely well together are funny and moving. You are kept in it the whole time by the subtle emotional changes they go through. The set up for John is fun and Kevin Keresey did a great job writing and directing this, taking it just to the edge before making a turn. See this if you get the chance. I saw this at a festival screening the laughs were flowing. Both Carolina Shorter and Nadia Nardini the two women who play the leads understand comedy and make it work. The music is really great always lifting and supporting but never taking over. The editor did a great job along with the cinematographer all the technical stuff works great. The cameo at the end played by Jeff Chassler was very funny too. An all around great time.

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The Wedding Job Leverage, 21 January 2009

I thought the show was great it was good to see Timothy Hutton doing this show as well. The actress who played Teresa Palermo (Lisa Joffrey) was really wonderful and I think I have seen her before on other shows. She was very moving. There was a lot of humanity in her performance. The plot of the show had plenty of twists and turns and also a good level of humor. Great job cheers to all. This show also reminds me of another show that had a similar set up and ran similar stories that was on AMC I forget the name of that show but I liked it also I believe it took place in England and it was not the same but similar. That didn't bother me though I still liked Leverage.