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Frost (2012/I)
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Frost left me cold, 16 August 2014

Was bored and surfing Netflix, saw this film, put it on and, by the end, really wished i hadn't. Not psychologically scary, no plot to speak of and the 'story' (such as it is) moves slower than the earth's tectonic plates. Which is a shame because, given the sheer majesty and beauty of the place they were filming in, it's a opportunity to create something truly thrilling that's been lost. The production values are very good unlike most 'found footage' stories i've seen but nothing can really rescue it from becoming a re-hash of the same idea and a poorly executed editing/pacing. I can only assume that the director had overdosed on Zanex.

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just a quick slice..., 3 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Probably one of the best in the trilogy (although, they're all excellent in everyway) You've never seen it? CHECK IT OUT!! just make sure that you watch them all in order. Just that bit near the end, when michael's daughter gets shot and he cries out in frustration, anger and sadness against the futility of everything he's tried to do for his family and the business.

Very moving, especially if you know Micheal's thru story.

An excellent edition and a perfect way to end the trilogy. and the greatest story ever told in the history of cinema.


Gigli (2003)
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That film cost me a dinner...., 2 May 2007

I recently went out on a limb and purchased the DVD of Gigli (despite normally listening to critics views and my own personal taste).

20 Min's later( yes i said '20 Min's'! i don't know why i let it go on that long) i took the DVD out, placed it back in it's packaging and went to the store where i brought it from, opened it up and took the DVD out, held it up in front of the guy who sold it to me and snapped it in half.

I then went back home and began stroking and apologising to my DVD player for inflicting such c**p on it. It only calmed down after i agreed to take it out for an expensive meal.

That film cost me a dinner...

Russ Johnson